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Advanced Space Propulsion Laboratory


*Investigation of a Light Gas Helicon Plasma Source for the VASIMR Space Propulsion System (PDF 63 Kb)
*Simulation of ICRF Plasma Heating in the VASIMR Experiment (PDF 390 Kb)
*The VASIMIR Engine: Project Status and Recent Accomplishments (PDF 954 Kb)
*Velocity Phase Space Studies of Ion Dynamics in the VASIMR Engine (PDF 904 Kb)
*Fast, Power-Rich Space Transportation, Key to Human Space Exploration (PDF 1156 Kb)
*A Plasma Rocket Demonstration on the International Space Station (PDF 225 Kb)
*Experimental Research Progress Toward the VASIMR Engine (PDF 546 Kb)
*Simulations of Plasma Detachment in VASIMR (PDF 453 Kb)

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