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Video Transcript:

How Do You Go to the Bathroom in Space?

Marissa: I know - you really want to know how to go to the bathroom in space. Well you asked!

Phil: We're here at the space potty with my friend Charlie Spencer. Charlie, I'm hoping you can show me how this works.

Charlie: Have a seat, Phil (Phil sits on space shuttle toilet in a laboratory). In space, you're weightless.

Phil: Right.

Charlie: To keep you from floating, this goes over your leg (Charlie shows Phil how to put a leg restraint over his thigh - Phil puts a second one on the other leg).

Phil: Oh wow! Boy! That's good. You don't want to float off the toilet! Ok, now I don't need too much detail here, but I'd to at least know how this works.

Charlie: OK. The machine works off a vacuum.

Phil: Right. Ok, so suction.

Charlie: Suction. Everything goes in to the machine.

Phil: Right. So suction is how it works. And this must be for liquids. I'm guessing (Phil disconnects a hose on the front of the toilet - we hear a motor start up).

Charlie: That's correct.

Phil: Woa. Ha-Ha. I feel like I'm getting suctioned right now.

OK, and it's a very complex toilet, so there's a set of instructions, which is very important. You want to make sure you know how this works (Phil holds up complicated instructions).

And this cracks me up. A manual vs. automatic (Phil points to a button with "manual and "auto" settings). You know what - let's skip it. I don't even want to know what that does.

Announcer: Don't forget to "GO" to!


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