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Space Station Acronyms - Full List

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2FT two-failure tolerance
3D three dimensional
A&C activation and checkout
A&COTA assembly and checkout technical analysis
A&EM assembly and external maintenance
A&I assembly and installation
A&MI assembly and maintenance integration
A&MV assembly and maintenance verification
A&R automation and robotics
A&S avionics and software
A/G air-to-ground
A/V audio/video
AACS Attitude & Articulation Control Subsystem
AADC Avionics Architecture Design Change
AAMP Advanced Automation Methodology Project
AAP airlock adapter plate (shuttle)
AB array bending
AC alternating current
AC assembly complete
AC AWP control
AC&S attitude control and stabilization
AC/SIA AWP control/Space Station initialization assembly
AC/SIP AWP control/Space Station initialization panel
ACA Associate Contractor Agreement
ACA attitude control assembly
ACBS assembly contingency baseboard signal
ACBSP assembly contingency baseband signal processor
ACC aft cargo carrier
ACCS active contamination control system
ACD advanced control devices
ACD architectural control document
ACD attitude control determination/development
ACDS Attitude Control & Determination System
ACE acceptance checkout equipment
ACE attitude control electronics
ACI allocated configuration identification
ACI Associate Contractor Integration/Interface
ACIS avionics/crew interface simulator
ACISS Advisory Committee on the International Space Station
ACLS automated control and landing system
ACM Association of Computing Machinery
ACM attitude calibration module
ACON antenna controller
ACR active cavity radiometer
ACR actual cost report
ACRC assured crew return capability
ACRFG Assembly Contingency Radio Frequency group
ACRV Assured Crew Return Vehicle
ACS altitude control and stabilization
ACS assembly contingency subsystem
ACS atmospheric control and supply
ACS attitude control system
ACSE attitude control system electronics
ACTORS Ada cognitive task organization scheme
ACTRA assembly contingency transmitter receiver/amplifier
ACTS Advanced Communications Technology Satellites
ACVC Ada compiler validation capability
ACWP actual cost of work performance
AD Analog to Digital
AD advanced development
AD aperture door
AD&D Avionics Design & Development
AD&I Avionics Design and Integration
ADA automatic data acquisition
Ada a computer programming language
ADCS attitude determination and control subsystem
ADCU AC to DC converter unit
ADD Architecture Description Document
ADD architectural definition/design document
ADDS advanced development docking system
ADF Avionics Development Facility
ADH advanced development hardware
ADL Ada design language
ADM advance development models
ADP acceptance data package
ADP advanced development plan/program
ADP automated data processing
ADPA airlock depressurization pump assembly
ADPE automated data processing equipment
ADPE/S automated data processing equipment and systems
ADPG Atmospheric Dynamic Payload group
ADR achievable data rate
ADS aerospace data systems
ADS ancillary data system
ADS attitude determination system
ADS audio subsystem
ADSMB attitude determination system mounting base
ADSS Aerospace Data Systems Standards
ADVLAM Advanced Laminate Analysis Code
ADVT ADA development environment
AE assembly element
AE Avionics Integrated Environment
AEM Animal Enclosure Module
AEPI atmospheric emissions photometric imaging
AFA American Fine Arm
AERCam Auonomous EVA Robotic Camera
AFD aft flight deck
AFDB Award Fee Determination Board
AFDE aft flight deck equipment
AFDWS aft flight deck workstation
AFSIG ascent flight systems integration group
AFT aft flight test
AG application generator
AGCS artificial gravity centrifuge system
AGE aerospace ground equipment
AGIT antenna group interface tube
AGSD advanced ground segment design
AHRS attitude heading reference system
AI action item
AI Articulation Index
AIA analysis/architecture
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIBS American Institute of Biological Sciences
AID altered item drawing
AID automated identification device
AID Avionics Integrated Development
AIDS airborne integration data system
AIDS automated identification development system
AIDS Avionics Integrated Development Schedule
AIM Automated Information Management
AIMS Automated Information Management System
AIO analog input/output
AIP Assembly Integration Panel
AIPD Avionics Installation Packaging Design
AIPO Artificial Intelligence Project Office
AIPR automated information processing resources
AIR Action Item Report
AIRD Assembly Implementation Requirements Document
AIS Automated Information System
AIS APCE interface set
AIS&S Avionics Integrated Systems and Software
AIT Analysis and Integration Team
AIV Avionics Integrated Verification
AIVRB Avionics Integrated Verification Review Board
AIWG ADF Interface working group
AIX Advanced Interactive Executive
AJPO ADA Joint Program Office
AJTIC alpha joint transfer interface converter
Al artificial intelligence
ALERT acute launch emergency restraint tip
ALMS automated logistics management system
ALO airlock outfitting
ALOD Airlock Outfitting Design
ALS advanced life support
ALS alternate landing site
alt altitude
AM amplitude modulation
AMD advanced micro devices
AMDB Automated Maintenance Data Base
AMDD Assembly and Maintenance Definition Document
AME antenna mounted equipment
AMIDD Assembly Maintenance Implementation Definition Document
AMO Advance Material Order
AMP amplifier
amp ampere
AMR advanced microwave radiometer
AMVP Assembly and Maintenance Verification Plan
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AO airlock outfitting
AO atomic oxygen
AO Assembly Order
AOA Assembly Operations Assessment
AODC age of data, clock
AODE age of data ephemerals
AOE area of emphasis
AOEA Assembly Operations and Engineering Assessment
AOS acquisition of signal
AP application processor
AP attached payload
Ap Geomagnetic Activity Index
AP&AE attached payloads and associated equipment
APA Allowance for Program Adjustment
APAE attached payload accommodations equipment
APAS Androgynous Peripheral Attachment System
APC all-purpose carrier
APC autonomous payload controller
APCE automated product/program control environment
APCU assembly power converter unit
APD astronaut positioning device
APDS Androgynous Peripheral Docking System
APID application process identification
APID Application Program Interface Division/Definition
APL approved parts list
APM astronaut positioning mechanism
APM attached pressurized module
APP attached payload pallet
APPR Avionics Project Planning Review
APR assembly planning review
APS astronaut positioning system
APS Automated Payload Switch
APSE ADA programming support environment
APT advanced propulsion test
APT automatic picture test/transmission
APU audio/auxiliary power unit
APU auxiliary propulsion/processing unit
AR Acceptance Review
AR atmospheric revitalization
Ar argon
AR&D Automated Rendezvous and Docking
ARA attitude reference assembly
ARC Ames Research Center
ARCA attached resupply carrier
ARCU American to Russian Converter Unit
ARIS Active Rack Isolation System
ARMS Automated Requirements Management System
ARO after receipt of order
ARQ automatic repeat queueing
ARS air revitalization system
ART advanced reasoning tool
ARTA advanced radiator test article
ARTE ADA runtime environment
ARTEID ARTE interface definition
ARTEMIS Automated Reporting, Tracking, and Evaluation Management Information
ARTS automated requirements traceability system
ARTS Advanced RID Tracking System
AS aft shroud
ASA Auxilliary Solar Array
ASAD alpha solar array drive
ASAP Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel
ASC altitude stabilization and control
ASCAN Astronaut Candidate
ASCG automatic solution crystal growth
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCR assured safe crew return
ASD Avionics Systems Design
ASE airborne support environment
ASE&I Avionics Systems Engineering and Integration
ASEB Aeronautics & Space Engineering Board
ASEM assembly of station by EVA methods
ASF assembly support framework
ASI Agencia Spatiale Italiano
ASIC application-specific integrated circuit
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASNT American Society for Nondestructive Testing
ASO Advanced Solar Observatory
ASRA assembly sequence/resource allocation
ASRS automated support requirements system
ASRS automated software reporting system
assy assembly
AST American Segment Trainer
ASTP Advanced Systems Technology Program
ASTP Apollo Soyuz Test Program
AT acceptance test
AT autonomous transporter
ATA ammonia tank assembly
ATA atmospheres, absolute
ATAC Advanced Technology Advisory Committee
ATB Acceptance/Assembly Test Building
ATB antenna test bed
ATCS Active Thermal Control System/Subsystem
ATD astronaut translation device
ATDAC acoustical theory for design of aircraft cabins
ATE airborne/automated test equipment
ATF Autonomous Thruster Facilities
ATHENA advanced thermal hydraulic energy network analyzer
ATM Apollo telescope mount
ATMM active thermal math models
ATMOS atmospheric trace modules observed by spectroscopy
ATMOS automatic testing multiple operating system
ATO abort-to-orbit
ATP acceptance test procedure
ATP authority to proceed
ATS active thermal system
ATS attitude transfer system
ATS assembly truss structure
ATSL ADA Technology Support Laboratory
ATT ADA transition test
ATT assembly task team
ATU audio terminal unit
ATV Automated Transfer Vehicle
AU astronomical unit
AV Avionics Verification
AVHRR advanced very high resolution radiometer
AVI avionics integration
AVMl automated visual maintenance information
AVR Assembly and Verification Review
AVU artificial vision unit
AWCS agency-wide coding structure
AWG American Wire Gauge
AWG Avionics Working Group
AWP assembly work platform
AWS airlock workstation
ax x-axis acceleration
ay y-axis acceleration
az azimuth
az z-axis acceleration
b bit
B&G bridges and gateways
B&P Bid and Proposal
B&PV Boiler and Pressure Vessel
B/L baseline
BAC Boeing Aerospace Company
BAC budget at completion
BAE Boeing Aerospace Engineering
BAFO best and final offer
BAG Baseline Advisory Group
BB breadboard
BBC Bolt Bus Controller
BC bus controller
BCD baseline control/configuration document
BCD Budget Change Document
BCDU Battery Charge/Discharge Unit
BCE beamsplitter control electronics
BCOP Bilateral Crew Operations Panel
BCR battery charge regulator
BCR Budget Change Report
BCU bus controller unit
BCWP budgeted cost for work performed
BCWS budgeted cost for work scheduled
BD bypass diode
BDCF baseline data collection facility
BDEA bilateral data exchange agreements
BDR battery discharge regulator
BER bit error rate
BGA beta gimbal assembly
BIA bus interface adapter
BID block interconnect diagrams
BIF bus interface function
BlT built-in-test
BITE built-in test equipment
BIU buffer/bus interface unit
BIU built-in unit
BIVP Bilateral Integration and Verification Plan
BLDG building
BLIM berthing latch interface mechanism
BM business management
BMA bolt motor actuator
BMAC biomedical monitoring and countermeasures
BMAD Berthing Mechanisms Advanced Development
BME biomedical engineer
BMMD body mass measurement device
BMO Business Management Office
BMR body mounted radiator
BMR Business Management Representative
BN ballistic number (W/CDA)
BNIU bus network interface unit
BOC basic operational capability
BOE basis of estimate
BOL beginning of life
BOS bright object sensor
BP biological processing
BPFM Bright Field/Phase Contrast/Fluorescence Microscope
BPM biological production module
BPR Bilateral Program Review
BPRV back pressure regulating valve
bps bits per second
BPSK Binary phase shift keying
BR bit rate
BSAD beta solar array drive
BSCCM Battery Signal Conditioning and Control Module
BSP baseband signal processor
BSP-T baseband signal processor-TDRSS
BSP-V baseband signal processor-video
BSR biweekly schedules reviews
BTPS body temperature and pressure saturated
BTF Biotechnology Facility
BTS Biotechnology System
Btu British thermal unit
BTU bus terminal unit
BW bandwidth
byte A sequence of adjacent binary digits operated as a unit
byte/s bytes per second
C centigrade, Celsius
C&C command and control
C&DH Command & Data Handling
C&M control and monitor
C&PCC core and payload control centers
C&T Communications and Tracking
C&TS Communications and Tracking System
C&W caution and warning
C-MPAC cupola MPAC
c.d.t. central daylight time
c.s.t. central standard time
C/C command/control
C/D countdown
C/O checkout
C/S/T cost/schedule/technical
C/V cooperative vehicle
c2 command and control
C3 command, control, and communications
C3I command, control, communications, and intelligence
CA control architecture
CA cost account
CA customer accommodations
CAA computer-aided analysis
CACTIS Change and Commitment Tracking Information System
CAD computer-aided design
CADD computer-aided design and drafting
CADU channel access data unit
CAE computer-aided engineering
CAG Commercial Advocacy Group
CAGE Commercial and Government Entity
CAI computer-aided instruction
CAIS Computer-Aided Instructional System
CAIT computer-aided instructional trainers
CAL Common Airlock
CAL computer-aided Logistics
CALS computer-aided acquisition and logistics support
CAM centrifuge accommodation module
CAM computer-aided manufacturing
CAM Cost Account Manager
CAP Computer-Aided Planning
CAP Cost Account Plan
CAP Crew Activity Plan
CAPP computer-aided project planning
CAPS Computer Assisted Publication Service
CAPS Crew Activity Planning System
CAR Certification Approval Report/Request
CAS calibrated ancillary system
CAS Common Attach System
CAS cost accounting standard
CASA computer-aided systems analysis
CASB Cost Accounting Standards Board
CASE checkout and servicing equipment
CASE crew accommodations and support equipment
CASE Computer-Aided Software/Systems Engineering
CAT computer-aided test
CAT computerized axial tomography
CATCS Central Active Thermal Control System
CB center of buoyancy
CB Control Board
CB Control Bus
CBD common data base
CBDS circuit board design system
CBM common berthing mechanism
CBR Configuration Budget Review
CBR contract baseline rephasing
CCA cause-consequence analysis
CCA clinical chemistry analyzer
CCA Contract Change Agreement/Authorization
CCAA Common Cabin Air Assembly
CCAFS Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
CCAS Cryogenic Carrier Attach System
CCB Change/Configuration Control Board
CCBD Configuration Control Board Directive
CCC Consolidated Control Center
CCC Control Center Complex
CCCN customer coordination center node
CCD charged coupled device
CCDS Centers for the Commercial Development of Space
CCF Consolidated Communications Facilities
CCFCD Command and Control Functional Control Document
CCL Cyber Control Language
CCM Composite Change Memo
CCM crew/cargo module
CCMS Command Control and Monitoring System
CCN contract change notice
CCN customer coordination node
CCO contract change order
CCP Configuration Control Panel
CCP Contamination Control Plan
CCP Contract Change Proposal
CCR Configuration Control Review
CCR contract change request
CCS communication and control system
CCS contamination control system
CCSDS Consultive/Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
CCTV closed circuit television
CCW channel command word
CCW command/control workstation
CCWS command/control workstation
CCZ command and control zone
CD contract direction
CDD Common Data Dictionary
CDDT Common Display Development Team
CDG Concept Development Group
CDM Contract Data Management
CDM Corona Diagnostic Mission
CDMA code division multiple access
CDMO Configuration and Data Management Office
CDMO Contract Data Management Office
CDO Commercial Development Office
CDOS customer data and operations system
CDR commander
CDR Contract Data Requirements
CDR Critical Design Review
CDRA carbon dioxide removal assembly
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDS core data services
CDT customer documentation tree
CDU component development unit
CE camera electronics
CE cargo element
CE concurrent engineering
CE conducted emission
CE current estimate
CE&IS combined elements and integrated system
CEA control electronic assembly
CEA Customer Expectation Agreement
CEB Change Evaluation Board
CEDRID Cargo Element Design Requirement Input Document
CEI contract end item
CEIS combined elements and integrated systems
CELSS closed environmental life support system
CEMS crew and equipment mobility system
CEO Configuration Engineering Office
CER cost estimating relationship
CERS crew emergency rescue system
CERS crew equipment retrieval system
CERT certification
CERV crew emergency return vehicle
CETA crew and equipment translation assembly
CETF Critical Evaluation Task Force
CETTR crew and equipment translation techniques and routing
CEV combined elements verification
CEV common element verification
CEVT combined element verification and testing/training
CEWG Crew Exchange and Training Working Group
CF Centrifuge Facility
CF completion form
CFC chlorinated fluorocarbon
CFDB crew functions data base
CFE contractor-furnished equipment
CFM candle flames in microgravity
cfm cubic feet per minute
CFP conceptual flight profile
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CFS cryogenic fluid storage
CFT crew factors
CFU colony forming unit
CG center of gravity
CGBA Commercial Generic Bioprocessing Apparatus
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGS Columbus Ground System
CGSP crystal growth and solidification processes
CGTG Crystal Growth Technology Group
CHAMPS characteristics of hardware assemblies & mission-build planning system
CHeCS Crew Health Care Systems
CHIA Cargo Handling Interface Adapter
CHL Certified Hardware List
CHRS centralized heat removal systems
CHSF Cargo Hazardous Servicing Facility
CHSL certified hardware/software list
CHX cabin heat exchanger
CHX condensing heat exchanger
CI change integrator
CI configuration/contract item
CI customer integration
CICD Contractor Interface Control Document
CID critical item development
CIDSC Contractor In-House Data Support Capability
CIE Commission Eclieree
CIE computer-integrated engineering
CIFO Catalog of Interface Features and Options
CIL Critical Items List
CILS crew-in-the-loop simulator
CIN Center Information Network
CIN Computer Information Network
CIO Customer Integration Office
CIO Center Information Officer
CIP Customer Integration Panel
CIR Cargo Integration Review
CIS communication interface system
CIS customer information system
CIS change impact summary
CITE cargo integration test equipment
CIVL Concept Integration and Verification Laboratory
CL crewlock
CL capture latch
CLA coupled loads analysis
CLAN Core Local Area Network
CLASS communications link analysis and simulation system
CLASS II Comprehensive LSAR automated Support System II
CLDF Clear Lake Development Facility (now Sonny Carter Training Facility)
CLI command line interpreter
CLIP Crew Loads Instrumented Panel
CLS Columbus Language System
CLS contingency landing site
CLUG Class II Users Group
CM center of mass
CM common module
CM configuration management
CM contract management
CM countermeasures
cm centimeter
CMA common MPAC adapter
CMA control and monitor application
CMAIT Configuration Management Analysis and Integration Team
CMAM Commercial Middeck Augmentation Module
CMC Contract Management Command
CMCD CIDSC Master Configuration Document
CMCS Configuration Management and Control System
CMD command
CMD/CTL command/control
CMDB control and monitor display builder
CMDE CMDM executor
CMDM Control and Monitor Display manager
CMDS Configuration Management Data System
CMG control moment gyro
CMILP consolidated maintenance, inventory, and logistics planning
CMIP Common Management Information Protocols
CMIS Common/Configuration Management Information System
CMO Configuration/Contract Management Office
CMOS complementary metal oxide semiconductor
CMP Configuration Management Plan
CMP Command Monitor Panel
CMPL Commercial Materials Processing Lab
CMRS CHeCS Medical Restraint System
CMRS Crew Medical Restraint System
CMS control and monitor subsystem
CMSP Configuration Management Screening Panel
CMT configuration management tool
CMT crew maintenance time
CNES The French Space Agency
CNS computer network system
CNTRL central. control
CO carbon monoxide
CO Contracting Officer
CO2 carbon dioxide
COAS coarse/crew optical alignment sight
COB cargo onboard
COCOMO cost constructive model
COD Center Operations Directorate
CoF construction of facility
COF Columbus Operating Facility
CoFR certification of flight readiness
COL Contracting Officer Letter
COM communications
COMBO computation of miss between orbits
COMET Commercial Experiment Transporter
COMM commercial mission
COMM communications
COMPASS computer-aided scheduling system
COMSAT Communications Satellite
COMSEC Communications Security
CONLAS controls analysis simulation
CONT container
CONT contingency
CONTAM contamination
COP co-orbiting platform
COR Communications Outage Recorder
COS Corporation of Open Systems
COSM checkout, services, and maintenance (airlock equipment)
COSMIC Computer Software Management and Information Center
COSMIC coherent optical system of modular imaging collectors
COSS co-orbit support systems
COTR Contracting Officer's Technical Representative
COTS commercial off-the-shelf
COU Concept of Operations and Utilization
COUP Consolidated Operations and Utilization Plan
CP center of pressure
CP commercially pure
CP communications processor
CP containerless processing
CPAF cost plus award fee (type of contract)
CPC Central Post Computer
CPCG Commercial Protein Crystal Growth
CPDS charged particle directional spectrometer
CPDS Computer Program Development Specification
CPFF cost plus fixed fee
CPI Cost Performance Index
CPM computer program module
CPM critical path method
CPMO Central Printing Management Office
CPN critical path network
cps characters per second
CPS coarse pointing system
cps cycles per second
CPSR Contractor Purchasing System Review
CPU central processing unit
CR change request
CR Configuration Review
CR Cosmonaut Researcher
CR&D Contract Research and Development
CR/DR Change Request/Discrepancy Report
CRAD Contract Research and Development
CRDB Crew Requirements Data Base
CRDS Customer Requirements Data Set
CRI Certification Requirements Index
CRIDR Contract Requirement/Data Requirement
CRM chemical release module
CRP Cost Reduction Proposal
CRS change request sheet
CRT cathode ray tube
CRU catalytic research unit
CRY cryogenics
CRYT cryogen tank
CS conducted susceptibility
CS control segment
CS crew systems
CS-ES conceptual schema to external schema
CS-IS conceptual schema to internal schema
CSA Canadian Space Agency
CSA computer systems architecture
CSA-CP Compound Specific Analyzer-Combustion Products
CSA-H Compound Specific Analyzer-Hydrazines
CSC computer software component/configuration
CSCI computer software/system configuration item
CSD Common Schedule Database
CSD contract start date
CSD control system development
CSDI Contract Status Data Input
CSE Chief Systems Engineer
CSEV combined systems and elements verification
CSF Customer Servicing Facility
CSI control servo input
CSR Certification Status Report
CSR customer support room
CSS crew support station
CST Competitively Sensitive Technology
CSU Computer Software Unit
CSW Centralized Software
CTB central thermal bus
CTE commercial test equipment
CTL control
CTM contract technical manager
CTMS commercial teleoperator maneuvering system
CTR contract technical representative
CTSD Crew and Thermal Systems Division
CTSIM Communications & Tracking simulator
CTT crew transfer tunnel
CTV Crew Transfer Vehicle
CTVC closed loop television camera
CU customer utilization
Cu-FO copper and fiber optic
CUA carrier utilization agreement
CUI common user interface/item
CUI customer user interface
CUP Consolidated Utilization Plan
CV cost variance
CVCM collected volatile condensible materials
CVD chemical vapor deposition
CVDT Current Value Data Table
CVIU common video interface units
CVT Current Value Table
CWBS Contract Work Breakdown Structure
CWG Commonality working group
CWR Collapsible Water Reservoir
CWS caution and warning system
CWSIT Caution and Warning System Integration Team
CY calendar year
CZE capillary zone electrophoresis
D&B docking and berthing
D&C displays and controls
D&D design and development
D-LOG discrepancy log
D/A digital to analog
D/A desk accessory
DA data administrator
DA device attachment
DA docking adaptor
DAA Designated Approving Authority
DAC Design Analysis Cycle
DACT disposable absorbent containment trunk
DADS data acquisition and distribution system
DADS digital audio distribution systems
DAI detailed architecture inspection
DAP digital auto pilot (orbiter)
DARA The German Space Agency
DAS digital avionics system
DASA Deutsche Aerospace
DB data base
DB diode box
DB dry bulb temperature
DB display builder
dB decibel
DBA data base administrator
DBM data base management
DBME data base management element
DBMS data base management system
DBN Data Bus Network
DBS direct broadcast sounder/satellite
DC direct current
DC docking compartment
DCA document content architecture
DCAA Defense Contract Audit Agency
DCAM Dialysis Crystallization Apparatus for Microgravity
DCCAS Dry Cargo Carrier Attach System
DCE data communications equipment
DCE dual cycle ergometer
DCLS data collection and location system
DCMC Defense Contract Management Command
DCN document change notice
DCR Design Certification Review
DCS decompression sickness
DCS Digital Communications Subsystem
DCSU DC switching unit
DCT direct cosine transform
DCU dedicated control unit
DD/D data dictionary/directory
DDCU DC-to-DC converter unit
DDF Display Data File
DDF Display Definition File
DDP Design Decision Package
DDP deliverable data package
DDR Detailed Design Review
DDRM Data, Document and Records Management
DDT&E design, development, test, and evaluation
DDT&V detail design test and verification
DDTS digital data transmission system
DDTS dynamic docking test system
DDU data display unit
DE design engineering
DE dose equivalent
DEC data entry clerk
DED Data Element Dictionary
deg degree
DEL delivery
DEMUX demultiplexer
DES Digital Encryption Standard
DESC Defense Electronic Supply Center
DEV development
DF development flight
DFD data flow diagram
DFI development flight instrumentation
DFRF Dryden Flight Research Facility
DFRR Detailed Functional Requirements Review
DG data group
DHC data handling center
DHF data handling function
dia diameter
DID data item description
DIDB Drawing Index/Informantion data base
DlET design-to-cost information, estimating, and tracking
DIF Data Interface Facility
DIF data interchange format
DIL Deliverable Items List
DIO discrete input/output
DIPEC Defense Industrial Plan Equipment Center
DISU dual input switching unit
DIT Development Integration Test
DIT Dynamic Integrated Test
DITFAC Development, Integration & Test Facility
DIU data interface unit
DKC Design Knowledge Capture
DKSS design knowledge support system
DKSSEC design knowledge support system electronic catalog
DL data discrepancy list
DLI Defense Language Institute
DLA drive lock assembly
DLSC Defense Logistics Service Center
DM Dialog manager
DM docking module
DM&P Data Management and Processing
DMA direct memory access
DMA Digraph Matrix Analysis
DMAP direct matrix absorption program
DMATE Delta MDM application test equipment
DMCS data management and control system
DMS Data Management System
DMS data management simulator
DMS-R Data Management System - Russian
DMSADA Data Management System automatic data acquisition
DMST Development and Segment Team
DMT Decreed Moscow Time
DOC document
DOC Discipline Operations Center
DoD Department of Defense
DoE Department of Energy
DOF degree of freedom
DOF direction of flight
DOMSAT Domestic Communications Satellite (system)
DOP Doppler
DOR Director of Operations in Russia [NASA representative at Star City]
DOR daily outage report
DoS Department of State
DOS detailed operations scenario
DOS Disk Operating System
DOS distributed operating system
DP data package/processing
DPA degration performance analysis
DPA delegation of Procurement authority
DPA destructive physical analysis
DPD data procurement department/document
DPD Data Project Description
DPRO Defense Plant Representative Office
DPS Data Processing Subsystem
DPS Data Processing System
DPSD Data Processing Systems Division
DR data requirement
DR design review
DR discrepancy report
DRA Design Requirements Agreement
DRA design review agreement
DRAM dynamic random access memory
DRCC document release and change coordination
DRCL design requirements checklist
DRD data requirement description/document
DREQ design requirement
DRIS Diagnostic Radiologic Imaging System
DRL data requirements list
DRLI Data Requirements List Items
DRM Design Reference Mission
DRO dielectric resonance oscillator
DRR Design Requirements Review
DRS Dexterous Robotics System
DRTS Data Relay Tracking Satellite
DRWG Data Reconfiguration Working Group
DS data sheets
DS&R data storage and retrieval
DS/FE distributed system and flight element
DSA data systems architecture
DSAR data storage and retrieval
DSCG directional solidification crystal growth
DSH development support hardware
DSM Docking and Stowage Module
DSMC Defense Systems Management College
DSMT disturbance simulation management tool
DSN Deep-Space Network
DSO Detailed Science/Supplementary Objective
DSR Design Status Review
DSRS Data Storage and Retrieval System
DSS data/decision support system
DSS Data System Services
DSSD Data Structure and Systems Development
DSSIP data systems and software integration panel
DSTP Detailed System Test Procedure
DT&E Development Test and Evaluation
DTA dedicated/development test article
DTC design-to-cost
DTE data terminal equipment
DTF Development Test Facility
DTL detailed time line
DTLCC design to life-cycle cost
DTO detailed/development test objective
DU development unit
DVCS data/voice communications system
DVIS Digital Voice Intercom System
DVR Detailed Verification Requirement
DVTM design verification test model
e electron
E&I Engineering and Integration
E&PD Engineering and Product Definition
E(r) Earth radius
e.d.t. Eastem Daylight Time
E/E electrical/electronics
E/I end item
E/W East/West
EA Integrated Electronics/Equipment Assembly
EAC engineering analysis capability
EAC estimate at completion
EAF engineering analysis function
EAMIP EVA Assembly & Maintenance Integration Plan
EAR Engineering Analysis Report
EASE electrical automatic support equipment
EBCD extended binary coded decimal
EC electrolysis cell
EC exercise countermeasure
ECAD electronic computer-aided design
ECC Engineering Change Control
ECD element control/configuration document
ECF Exercise Countermeasures Facility
ECFWS Exercise Counter Measures Facility Workstation
ECG electrocardiogram
ECG electroepitaxial crystal growth
ECIS environmental control & life support
ECLSS Environmental Control and Life Support System
ECN engineering change notice
ECO engineering change order
ECP engineering change proposal
ECS Environment Control System
ECS Energy Conversion Subsystem
ECU electronics/environmental control unit
ECWS element control workstation
ED electrodynamics
ED electronics lock deck
EDAC error detection and correction
EDC Engineering Design Council
EDCAS Equivalent Designers Cost Analysis System
EDCO extended duration crew operations
EDDS engineering documentation/drawing data system
EDF Engineering Data Function
EDF electronic/engineering design/development fixture
EDFE EVA Demonstration Flight Experiment
EDIP Element Design Integration Panel
EDK Electric Dynamic Karathermometer
EDL Engineering Data Library
EDL Engineering Drawing List
EDLS Engineering Data/Drawing Library System
EDLS Enhanced Dynamic Load Sensor
EDM Electrical Discharge Machining
EDMU Engineering development mockups
EDO extended duration Orbiter
EDP Electronic/Embedded Data Processing/Processor
EDRM Engineering Design/Drafting Reference/Requirements Manual
EDRS European Data Relay Satellite
EDU engineering development unit
EEATCS Early External Active Thermal Control System
EECOM electrical, environmental, and communications
EECOMS Electrical, Environmental Consumables, and Mechanical Systems
EEE electrical, electronic, and electromechanical
EEG electroencephalograph
EEPROM Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
EESS End-to-End Software Simulator
EETCS Early External Thermal Control System
EEU extravehicular excursion unit
EF Exposed Facility
EGRET Energetic Gamma Ray Experiment Telescope
EGSE electrical ground support equipment
EH Equivalent Hertz
EHD engineering hardware description
EHF extremely high frequency
EHS Enhanced HOSC system
EHS Environmental Health System/Subsystem
EI external integration
EIA Electronic (Electrical) Industry Association
EIP element integration panel
EIR element integration review
EIRP Effective Isotropically Radiated Power
EIS End Item Specification
EISC EVAS Internal Stowage Compartments
EKG electrocardiogram
EL east longitude
EL equipment lock
EL exposure limits
ELF extremely low frequencies
ELIN exhibit line item number
ELM experiment logistics module
ELM-ES Experiment Logistics Module-Exposed Section
ELM--PS Experiment Logistics Module-Pressurized Section
ELS emergency landing site
ELT emergency locator transmitter
ELV expendable launch vehicle
EM engineering model
EM energy module
EM electromagnetic
EM environmental monitor
EMADS Emergency Malfunction and Display System
EMC electromagnetic compatibility
EMCC eight man crew capability
EMCFA Electromagnetic Compatibility Frequency Analysis
EME electromagnetic effects
EMI electromagnetic interface
EMI electromagnetic interference
EMP enhanced multiplexer/demultiplexer pallet
EMR electromagnetic radiation
EMS Engineering Master Schedule
EMS Engineering Master Schedule/Services
EMSF Extemal Maintenance and Servicing Facility
EMST External Maintenance Solution Team
EMTC early man-tended capability
EMTT Etemal Maintenance Task Team
EMU extravehicular maneuvering/mobility unit
EO Earth orbit
EO electro-optical
EO electronics lock overhead
EO engineering order
EO executive order
EOC End of Contract
EOIM Environmental Oxygen Interaction with Materials
EOL end of life
EOM end of mission
EOMA Element OMA
EOS Earth Observation System
EOS Electrophoresis Operations in Space
EP electrical power
EP equivalent personnel
EP's equivalent persons
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
EPCE electrical power consuming equipment
EPDB Electrical Power data base
EPDCS Electrical Power Distribution and Control System
EPDS Electrical Power Distribution System
EPDS European Data Relay Satellite
EPIC engineering planning, integration, and coordination
EPIRB Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
EPL Electronic, Electrical, and Electromechanical Parts List
EPIMS EEE Parts Information Management System
EPS Electrical Power System
EPS Engineering Purchase Specification
EPWG Electrical Power working group
EQID Equivalent ID (number)
ER Environmental Rights (OMS term)
ER engineering release
ERA Exobiology and Radiation Assembly
ERA European Robotic Arm
ERB Engineering Review Board
ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment
ERCA Electrochemically Regenerable CO Absorber
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram
ERM Entity Relationship Model
ERNO European Research National Organization
ERODB Environmental Run Time Operating data base
ERVS Emergency Routine Verification Schedule
ES equipment section
ES EVA support
ES expert system
ESA European Space Agency
ESC electronic still camera
ESC Engineering Support Center
ESD electrostatic discharge
ESE EVA support equipment
ESE&T EVA support equipment and tools
ESF Engineering Support Facility
ESH equivalent sun hours
ESIT Electrical System Integrated Test
ESM Experiment Support Module
ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center
ESMR electrically scanned microwave radiometer
ESPACS EMIJ Signal Processing and Communications Set
ESR Earth Science Research
ESS electronic security system
ESS emergency separation system
ESS energy storage subsystem
ESS environmental stress screening
ESS experiment support system
ESSMDM enhanced Space Station multiplexer/demultiplexer
EST eastern standard time
ESTEC European Space Technology Center
ESTL Electronic System Test Laboratory
ET effective temperature
ET external tank
ETA engineering test article
ETC end-to-end test capability
ETC estimate to completion
ETE EVA translation evaluation
ETED external thermal environment data
ETEDB External Thermal Environment data base
ETI elapse time indicator
ETP Equipment Test Plan
ETR Eastern Test Range
ETRO Estimated Time of Return to Operation
ETS Engineering Technical/Test System
ETU Engineering test unit
eV electron volts
EV-CPDS Extravehicular/External Charged Particle Directional Spectrometer
EVA extravehicular activity
EVAR EVA retriever
EVARDS EVA/Robotics Design Standards
EVAS extravehicular activity system
EVC extravehicular communication
EVR extravehicular robotics
EVS equipment visibility system
EW extreme ultraviolet
EWAC Emergency Warning and Caution
EXP Explorer Mission
EXPRESS expediting the process of experiments to the Space Station
F flight
F forward
F Fahrenheit
F-MPAC fixed multipurpose application console
F/W firmware
FAB flight assignment baseline
FABRS Fabrication Reporting System
FAC facility
FACI First Article Configuration Inspection
FACTS FMEA/CIL tracking system
FAM functional area manager
FAO Flight Activity Officer
FAP Flight Activity Plan
FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation
FAST flexible Ada simulation tool
FAST folding articulated square truss
FAX facsimile transmission
FBC full body cleansing
FBM fleet ballistic missile
FBT Feedback Technology
FC flight control
FC fuel cell
FCA flow control assembly
FCA Functional Configuration Audit
FCA Funding Constraint Assessment
FCD functional control document
FCF Fluids and Combustion Facility
FCEF Flight Crew Equipment Facility (at KSC)
FCI Flight Crew Integration
FCIR Flight Crew Integration Requirements
FCM future capability mission
FCOD Flight Crew Operations Directorate
FCOM Facilities Capital Cost of Money
FCP firm cost proposal
FCP fluid and chemical processing
FCP Fracture Control Plan
FCP fuel consumption projection
FCS FGB Communications System
FCS Flight Crew Systems
FCT file compare tool
FD flight day/director
FD flight design
FD flight dynamics
FD/FI fault detection/fault isolation
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FDA functional development article
FDDI fiber distributed data interface
FDE Flight Dynamics Engineer
FDF flight data file
FDF Flight Dynamics Facility
FDI/RM fault detection and isolation/redundancy management
FDIR fault detection, isolation and recovery/reconfiguration
FDM Fault detection and management
FDMA Frequency-Division Multiple Access
FDO Fee Determination Official
FDP Fatigue Decreased Proficiency
FDPA flight dynamics and planning analysis
FDR Final Design Review
FDS Fire Detection System
FDS fire detection and suppression
FDS Flight Design Systems
Fe iron
FEA finite element analysis
FEAT final engineering acceptance test
FEAT failure environment analysis tool
FED-STDS Federal Telecommunications Standards
FEID Flight Equipment Interface Device
FEL First Element Launch
FEM finite element model
FEO flight elements office
FEP Front-end Processor
FEP fluorinated ethylene propylene
FERD Facility and Equipment Requirements document
FET field effect transistors
FEU functionally equivalent unit
FEU flight evolution unit
FF first flight
FF free-flyer
FFFT Forced Flow Flamespread Test
FFHD First Flight Hardware Delivery
FFP firm fed price
FFRR First-Flight Readiness Review
FGB Functional Cargo Block [sic] (Functionalui Germaticheskii Block)
FGE fine guidance electronics
FGS fine guidance sensor
FGSE Fine Guidance System Electronics
FHRC flex hose rotary coupler
FHST Fixed Head Star Tracker
FIM Flight/Functional Integration manager
FIMS Fault Isolation Monitoring System
FIP Flight Increment Plan
FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards
FITL flight increment training load
FLC Fluids logistics carrier
FLD fluid dynamics
FLPS Flight Loads Preparation System
FLT flight
FM facility management
FM flight model
FM frequency modulation
FMA failure modes analysis
FMA fixed MPAC adapter
FMAD fluid management and distribution
FMC fluid momentum controller
FMEA failure modes and effects analysis
FMECA failure modes, effects, and criticality analysis
FMS Financial Management Systems
FMS fluid/food management system/subsystem
FMT file and memory transfer [software]
FO Fabrication Order
FO fiber optics
FOB free on board
FOC faint object camera
FOC fiber-optic cable
FOC full optional capability
FODB Fiber-Optic data bus
FOMMS Flight Operations Maintenance Management System
FOR Flight Operations Review
FORS Fiber-Optic Rate Sensor
FOS Faint Object Spectograph
FOSA Flight Operations Support Annex
FOV field of view
FP fuse plug
FPC Flexible Printed Circuit
fps feet per second
FPSI Focal Plane Science Instrument
FPU Fluid Pump Unit
FQR Formal Qualification Review
FR facilities request
FR foot restraint
FR functional requirements
FRD flight/functional requirements docurnent
FRE Functional Requirement Envelope
FRED Facilities Request Data Base
FRHC Force Reflecting Hand Controller
FRR Flight Readiness Review
FRS Functional Requirements Summary
FS Factor of Safety
FSD fluid system design/distribution
FSD full-scale development
FSE flight support equipment
FSES flight software execution system
FSIM functional simulation
FSM fungal spores monitor
FSR Final Systems Review
FSSA Flexible Substrata Solar Array
FSSR flight system software requirement
FST Fire Safety Technology
FSU Functional Support Unit
FSVS Flight Software Verification System
FSW flight software
FSW feet of sea water
ft foot
FT fault tolerant
FT/RM Failure Tolerance/Redundancy Management
FTA Fault Tree Analysis
FTAM File Transfer and Access Method
FTE Factory Test Equipment
FTE Flight Test Engineer
FTMS Fluid Transfer Management System
FTO flight test objective
FTP factory test program
FTP Flight Test Procedure
FTP Full Throttle Position
FTP Functional Test Program
FTS flight telerobotic servicer/system
FTS Fluid Therapy System
FUDS fluids utility distribution system
FUO Followup Output
FW filament winding
FWC firmware controllers
FWWM Food Water, and Waste Management
FY fiscal year (Fiscal Year 1995, FY95)
g gravity
G giga (one billion)
g Acceleration of Gravity
g gram
G&A General and Administrative
G&C Guidance and Control
G&N Guidance and Navigation
G.IM Geometric Mathematical Model
G.m.t. Greenwich Mean Time
G/L greater than/less than
GaAIAs gallium aluminum arsenide
GaAs gallium arsenide
GANE Global Positioning System (GPS) Attitude & Navigation Experiment
GAO General Accounting Office
GASMAP Gas Analysis System for Metabolic Analysis of Physiology
gb gigabit
GBD generation breakdown
GBF Gravitational Biology Facility
GBL Generation Breakdown List
gbps gigabits per second
GC/IMS gas chromatograph/ion mobility spectrometry
GC/MS Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer
GCA gas conditioning assembly
GCC Ground Control Center
GCE Ground Control Equipment
GCR Galactic Cosmic Radiation/Ray
GCS Ground Control Station
GCSD Government Communications Systems Department
GCT Growth Core Team
GCTC Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
GDCS Ground Distributed Control System
GDMS Ground Data Management System
GDS Ground Data Systems
GENPLAN Generative Progress Planning
GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
GEODSS Ground-Based, Electro-Optical Deep-Space Surveillance System
GEOMOD geometric modeler
GET Ground Elapsed Time
GeV gigaelectronvolts
GF grapple fixture
GFE Government-furnished equipment
GFI Govemment-furnished Information
GFM Government-furnished material
GFP Government-furnished property
GFY Government Fiscal Year
GG gravity gradient
GH2 gaseous hydrogen
GHz gigahertz
GIDEP Government-Industry Data Exchange Program
GKS Graphical Kernal System
GL Graphics Laboratory
GLS Government Launch Services
GLSA Government Large Structures Assembly
GLSC Government Launch Services-Cryogenic
GLSF General Laboratory Support Facilities
GM Geometric Mean
GMOS Generic Message Orientation System
GMS Geostationary Meteorological Satellite
GMW Generic Maintenance Workstation
GN gaseous nitrogen
GN&C guidance, navigation, and control
GN&C/MT Guidance, Navigation, and Control/Mobile Transporter
GN&C/P guidance, navigation, and control/propulsion
GNCM guidance, navigation, control management
GO2 gaseous oxygen
GOC Ground Operations Center (part of Mobile Servicing System)
GODF Ground Operations Data File
GOE Ground Outfitting Equipment
GOES GN&C Orbital Environment Simulation
GOLIP Ground Operations and Logistics Integration Panel
GPC General Purpose Computer
GPO Government Printing Office
GPP General Purpose Processor
GPRP Government Production and Research Property
GPS Global Positioning System
GP/INS Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System
GPTU General Purpose Transfer Unit
GPWS General Purpose Workstation
GR&C Ground Rules and Constraints
Gr/E Graphite-Epoxy
GRC Glenn Research Center
GRD general requirements docurnent
GRO Gamma Ray Observatory
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic
Gs geodetic
GS Ground System
GSA General Services Administration
GSC Ground Station Control
GSD General Services Division
GSDE Ground System Development Environment
GSDR Ground System Data Repository
GSE ground support equipment
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSFT Ground Support Facilities and Tools
GSI Government Source Inspection
GSP ground support position
GSR Generic Space Robot
GSRP Ground Safety Review Panel
GSTDN Ground Satellite Tracking Data Network
GT global temperature
GT Group Technologies
GTA ground test article/assembly
GTOS Ground Terminal Operations Support
GTOSS Generalized Tethered Object System Simulation
GTR Government transportation request
GTU ground test unit
GV gigavolt
GW gateway
GWDU ground window display utility
H hydrogen
H/C Hand Controller
H/W hardware
HA hazard analysis
HA/HP Height of Apogee/Height of Perigee
HAB habitation module
HABT Habitability Technology
HAD heat acquisition devices
HAL High-Order Algorithmic Language
HAL hyperbaric airlock
HARRB Hazard and Requirements Review Board
HB hyperbaric
HBC Hyperbaric Chamber
HC hydrocarbon
HCHP High-Capacity Heat Pipe
HCI Human-Computer Interface
HCIG Human-Computer Interface Guidelines
HCIL Human Computer Interface Laboratory
HCS Hybrid Computation and Simulation
HCSE Hyperbaric Chamber Support Equipment
HD Hard Drive
HDBK handbook
HDR High Data Rate
HDRR High Data Rate Recorder
HDTV high definition television
HDW hardware
He helium
HEAO High Energy Astronomy Observer
HECA Hyperbaric Environmental Control Assembly
HEDS Human Exploration and Development of Space
HEO High Earth Orbit
HEPA High-Efficiency Particulate Air
HETGS High-Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer
HF High Frequency
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HFS high fidelity simulator
HFSM high fidelity simulation model
Hg Mercury
HGA High-Gain Antenna
HGPCA Hyperbaric Gas Pressurization Control Assembly
HHL Hand-held Lidar
HI-FI High Fidelity
HI-REL High Reliability
HIRL Hypervelocity Impact Research Facility
HIT Horizontal Integration Team
HIT-F Hypervelocity Impact Test Facility
HLA high level analog
HLA Hyperbaric Lighting Assemblies
HLCM High Level Control Module
HLLV Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle
HLS hyperbaric lighting set
HMC Hydrogen Master Clock
HMD head/helmet mounted device
HMD helmet-mounted display
HME heat and moisture exchange
HMF Health Maintenance Facility
HMFWS Health Maintenance Facility Workstation
HMIF Human-Machine Interface
HMMR High-Resolution Multifrequency Microwave Radiometer
HMO Habitat Module Outfitting
HMOS Habitat Module Outfitting System
HO hydrogen/oxygen
HOL High-Order Language
HOSC Huntsville Operations Support Center
HOU Houston
HOW hand-over word
HPA High Power Amplifier
HPBID Host Processor/Bus Interface Dedicated
HPBIG Host Processor/Bus Interface Global
HPF Hazardous Processing Facility
HPORS High Pressure Oxygen Recharge Subsystems
HPSI Human-Ported System Interface
HQ Headquarters
HQUL Hardware Quantity and Usage List
HR Human Resources
HR&T Heat Rejection and Transport
HRC High Resolution Camera
HRD high rate demultiplexer
HRDL high rate data link
HRDM high rate demultiplexer/multiplexer
HRF Human Resource Facility
HRF Human Research Facility
HRFM high-rate frame multiplexer
HRM high rate modem
HRMA High-Resolution Mirror Assembly
HRPT High-Resolution Picture Transmission
HRR Human Resource Representative
HRS heat rejection subsystem
HRS High-Resolution Spectograph
HRT High-Resolution Tracker
HRTS High-Resolution Telescope Spectrograph
HSD Hamilton Standard Division
HSE Hyperbaric Support Equipment
HSI hardware and software integration
HSO Habitation and Station Operations
HSP High-Speed Photometer
HST Hubble Space Telescope
HSTA Harris System Testability Analyzer
HT high temperature
HTC Human-Tended Capability
HTF Horizontal Test Facility
HTLPS High Temperature Liquid Phase Sintering
HTS heat transport subsystem
HTV H-II Transfer Vehicle
HUD Heads-Up Display
HUM humidity
HUT hard upper torso
HVI hypervelocity impact
HVPI High Voltage Plasma Interaction
HW hardware
HW/SW hardware/software
HWCI hardware configuration item
HWQA Hardware Quality Assurance
HX heat exchanger
Hz hertz
I&A installation and assembly
I&T integration and test
I/F interface
I/O input/output
IA Independent Assessment
IA information architecture
IAARD integrated Avionics Architecture, Requirements and Design
IAC Integrated Assembly & Checkout
IACO installation, assembly, and check out
IACO integration and checkout
IACO integration and checkout operations
IACP Integrated Assembly and Configuration Panel
IAF International Aeronautical Federation
IAH inertial attitude hold
IAM Information Asset Management
IAR Independent Annual Review
IAR integrated avionics racks
IAS Internal Audio Subsystem
IATCS Internal Active Thermal Control System
ICAM Integrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICAP Integrated Configuration Assessment Panel
ICC Integrated Command and Control
ICC Instrument Control Center
ICD interface control document
ICD instrument control document
ICE in-circuit emulator
ICN Integrated Communications Network
ICOM intercom
ICT Integrated Communications Team
ICT Interface Control Tooling
ICWG Interface Control Working Group
ICWO intercomponent work order
ID identification/identify
ID integrated diagnostics
IDA Intentional Design Assessment
IDAC integrated design analysis cycle
IDB Instrumentation data base
IDD interface development/division document
IDD interface design document
IDDR Incremental/Integrated Detail Design Review
IDE Interior Design Engineering
IDEAS Integrated Design and Engineering Analysis Software
IDEF Integrated Computer-Aided Manufacturing Definition
IDEFO ICAM Definition Language Zero
IDL/S Intersite Delivery List/Schedule
IDM Information & Data Management
IDMM Intermediate and Depot Maintenance manual
IDP Interface Development Panel
IDR Incremental Design Review
IDRD increment definition requirements document
IDS Integrated Data Systerns
IDT interdepartment transfer
IEA Integrated Equipment Assembly
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
IELK Individual Equipment Liner Kit
IEVA Integrated Extravehicular Activity
IF intermediate frequency
IF Integration Facility
IFB invitation for bid
IFHX interface heat exchanger
IFM inflight maintenance
IFS integrated fluid servicer
IFSP ITA Fluid Service Pallet
IFSR Integrated Flight Software Requirement
IG Inspector General
IGA Intergovernmental Agreement
IGA International Governmental Agreement
IGES Initial Graphic Exchange Specification
IGSE Instrument Ground Support Equipment
IH/SR Integrated Hardware and Software Review
IHCP Increment Hazard Control Plan
IHTC Interim Human-Tended Capability
IIA Instrument interface Agreement
IIAP ISS Independent Assessment Panel
IIDD integrated information development plan
IIO Inertial Instrument/Instrumentation Organization/Operation
IISS Integrated Information Support System
IL intermediate language
ILE Intermediate Language Executor
ILE Intermediate Language Editor
ILP Integrated Logistics Panel
ILS Integrated Logistics Support/System
ILSA Industry Large-Structures Assembly
ILSC Industry Launch Services - Cryogenic
ILSP Integrated Logistics Support Plan
ILSS Industry Launch Services - Storable
ILSWG Integrated Logistics Support working group
ILTF in-line test fixture
IM Institutional Management
IMAD Information Management Assimilation & Delivery
IMCA integrated motor control assembly
IMCB Information Management Control Board
IMD Integrated Monitoring and Diagnostics
IMMCL Integrated Master Measurement and Command List
IMS Information Management System
IMS Institutional Management System
IMS Inventory Management System
IMS ion mobility spectrometry
IMTF Inflight Maintenance Team
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
IMV intermodule ventilation
INS Inertial Navigation System
INS Integrated Nitrogen System
IO industrial operations
IOC Initial Operation Capability
IOC Integrated Operations Configuration
IOC Initial Operational Capability
IOCU Input/Output Control Unit
IOCWG IOC working group
IODB Input/Output data base
IODP Incremental Operations Design Panel
IOHA Integrated Operational Hazards Analysis
IOP In-Orbit Plane
IOP Increment Operations Plan
IOP Input/Output Processor
IOPT Integrated Operational Procedures and Timelines
IOR Increment Operations Review
IOS Integrated Operations Scenario
IP intermediate processor
IP Internal Protocol
IP International Partner
IP Internet Protocol
IPB Illustrated Parts Breakdown
IPC Information Planning Council
IPC Interprocess Communications
IPCL Instrumentation Program and Command List
IPD Integrated Product Development
IPG Information Planning Group
IPIR Increment Payload Integration Requirements
IPL Initial Program Load
IPM Interprocessor Multiplexer
IPPDR Interim Program Preliminary Design Review
IPRD Integrated Payloads Requirements Document
IPRM Integrated Performance and Risk Management
IPS Instrument Pointing System
IPSSD Integrated Program Scheduling Standard Document
IPT Integrated Product Team
IPT/AIT Integrated Product Team/Analysis and Integration Team
IPTA Integrated Propulsion Test Article
IR ionizing radiation
IR infrared
IR ionizing radiation
IR&D Independent Research and Developrnent
IRB Inertial Reference Base
IRB Instrumentation/Relay Board
IRD interface requirement document
IRDS Information Resources Dictionary System
IRE Ionizing Radiation Effects
IREC Ionizing Radiation Effects Compatibility
IRGW Intermediate Rate Gateway
IRI International Reference Ionosphere
IRM Information Resource Management
IRM integrated risk management
IRN Interface Revision Notice
IRP Integrated Resource Plan
IRR Interface Requirements Review
IRS Integrated Resource and Schedule
IRU In-flight Refill Unit
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IRU IVA Replacement Unit
IRWG Interface Requirements Working Group
IS Imaging Spectrometer
IS Information Systems
ISA inertial sensor assembly
ISB Issues Screening Board
ISC Information Systems Contract
ISD Information Systems Directorate
ISD intersite delivering
ISE integrated station executive
ISF Industrial Space(s) Facility
ISM Interstellar Medium
ISO International Standards Organization
ISPOC International Safety and Product Assurance Oversight Committee
ISPR International Standard Payload Rack
ISQR Institutional Quality and Safety Division
ISR Interim Systems Review
ISS International Space Station
ISS internal secondary structure
ISSA International Space Station Alpha
ISU International System Unit
ISV Integrated Systems Verification
IT&V integration, test, and validation/verification
IT&VE Integrated Test and Verification Environment
ITA Integrated Truss Assembly
ITA Intelligent Task Automation
ITAC Integration Trades and Analysis Cycle
ITAC-O Integration Trades and Analysis Cycle-O
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulation
lTAV Integrated Truss Assembly Verification
ITCS Intemal Thermal Control System
ITF Integration Training Facilities
itoo Integrated Tactical Operations Organization
ITP Increment Training Plan
ITS Integrated Truss Segments
ITS information transmittal sheet
ITU Input Terminal Unit
ITVE integrated test and verification environment
ITVF Integration, Test, and Verification Facility
IU interface unit
IUC Initial User Capability
IUD ITA utility distribution
IUDP ITA Utility Distribution Pallet
IUG Intelligence/Interactive Users' Guide
IUM Interim Use Manual
IUS Inertial Upper Stage
IV intravehicular
IV&V Independent Verification and Validation
IV-CPDS Intravehicular Charged Particle Directional Spectrometer
IVA intravehicular activity
IVACS Intravehicular Control Station
IVAWG IVA working group
IVE Interface Verification Equipment
IVS internal video subsystem
IVT Integration, Verification, and Training
IWFS Integrated Waste Fluids System
IWG Interface Working Group
IWG initialization working group
IWGS Integrated Waste Gas System
IWS Integrated Water System
JACD joint accommodation configuration document
JACD joint architectural control document
JASWG Joint Safety Assurance Working Group
JCNSP Joint CSA/NASA Simulation Panel
JCP Joint Committee on Printing
JDL job drawing list
JDTRS Japanese Data Tracking & Relay Satellite
JEA Joint Endeavor Agreement
JEM Japanese Experiment Module
JEM-EF Japanese Experiment Module-Exposed Facility
JEM-PM Japanese Experiment Module-Pressurized Module
JEMRMS JEM Remote Manipulator System
JIN JSC Interface Network
JIS Joint Integration Schedule/Simulation
JISP Joint Integrated Simulation Procedures
JLM Japanese Logistic Module
JMICB Joint Mission Integration Control Board
JMP Joint Management Plan
JMSWG Joint Manifest and Schedules Working Group
JOIP Joint Operations Interface Plan
JPA Job Performance Assistance
JPALS JSC Program Automated Library System
JPDRD Joint Preliminary Design Requirements Document
JPDRD Joint Program Definitions and Requirements Document
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPP Joint Program Plan
JPR Joint Program Review
JPRCB Joint Program Requirements Control Board
JRB Joint Review Board
JRMS JEM Remote Manipulator System
JSC Johnson Space Center
JSCDSS JSC Data Support System
JSCMD Johnson Space Center Management Directive
JSCMI JSC Management Instruction
JWG joint working group
K thousand
k kilo
K-Band Code Elements per Second in Thousands
K-SIM K-band Simulation
KB keel bending
KB keyboard
kb kilobit
KBE knowledge based executive
kbps kilobits per second
kbps kilobytes per second
KBS knowledged based system
kbvte kilobyte
kcal kilocalorie
keV kiloelectronvolt
kg kilogram
kHz kilohertz (kilocycles per second)
KhSC Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center
KIPS thousand (kilo) instructions per second
km kilometers
KNOMES Knowledge-Based Maintenance Expert System
KOPS thousands of operations per second
KP key personnel
kPa kilopascals
Kr krypton
Kristall One of the modules of the Mir Orbiting Station
KSA Ku-Band Single Access
KSAF K-band, Single Access Forward
KSAR K-band, Single Access Return
KSC Kennedy Space Center
KSCAP KSC area permit
KT Keel Torsion
Ku Frequency Sub-Band
Kvant One of the modules of the Mir Orbiting Station
kVA kilovolt ampere
kW kilowatt
kWe kilowatt (electrical)
kWh kilowatt hour
L launch
L&ES Laser and Electronic System
L&M Logistics and Maintenance
L/D lift/drag ratio
la level absolute
LAB laboratory module
LABR large air bearing floor
LACO Laser Communications
LADAR Laser Radar
LAMAR Large-Area Modular Array
LAMR Large-Aperture Microwave Radiometer
LAN local area network
LaRC Langley Research Center
LASS Logistics Automated Supply Support
LASS Logistics Automated Support System
LASS II Logistics Automated Support System II
LAT Local Area Transport
LB local bus
lb pound
lbm pounds mass
LBNP Lower Body Negative Pressure
LC Laboratory Ceiling
LCA Lab Cradle Assembly
LCA Loop Crossover Assembly
LCC Launch Control Center
LCC Life Cycle Cost
LCCIW life cycle cost impact worksheet
LCCM life cycle cost management
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCD lowest common denominator
LCN Logistics Control Number
LCN Logistics Code Number
LCP Left Circular Polarization
LCP Letter Change Proposal
LCVG Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment
LD Luminescence Detector
LDEF Long-Duration Exposure Facility
LDI Local Data-Bus Interface
LDIP Logistics Development Implementation Plan
LDM Logical Data Model
LDO Long Duration Orbiter
LDR Large Deployable Reflector
LDR Low Data Rate
LDRF Long-Distance Range Finder
LDS laser docking sensor
LDU line of code
LDU linear drive unit
LEA Logistics Engineering Analysis
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LEEC Laser-to-Electric Energy Conversion
LEM Logistics Element Manager
LEO low earth orbit
LESC Lockheed Electronic Systems Company
LET Linear Energy Transfer
LETGS Low-Energy Transmission Grating Spectrometer
LF laboratory floor
LF load factor
LF low frequency
LFF Large Formation Flyer
LFMR Low-Frequency Microwave Radiometer
LG logistics
LGA low gain antenna
LGG light gas gun
LIDAR Laser-Instrument Distance and Range
LIDAR Light Intensification Detection and Ranging
LIM Logistics Inventory Management
LIMS Logistics Inventory Management System
LIOS local input/output subsystem/subunit
LIS lightning imaging sensor
LIS Logistics Information System
LISP List Process (language)
LL lighting laboratory
LLA low level analog
LLC Limited Life Component
LLC Logical Link Control
LLCM Low Level Control Module
LLTV Low-Light Television
LLVIR Long-Line Voice Interface Rack
LM laboratory module
LM logistics module
LM Lunar Module
LMF Light Manufacturing Facility
LMI Logistics Management Institute
LMRT Logistics Management Responsibility Transfer
LMS Lunar Module Simulator
LMSC Lockheed Missiles and Space Company
LMTR Logistics Management Responsibility Transfer
LNA low noise amplifier
LO laboratory outfitting
LO/FI low fidelity
LOC line of code
LOC Logistics Operations Center
LOE level of effort
LOG logistics
LOMC Logistics Operations Management Center
LOR Line outage recorder
LOS line of sight
LOS loss of signal
LOX liquid oxygen
LP laboratory port
LP Launch Package
LP Leased Platform
LP/S Launch Package/Stage
LP/SI Launch Package/Stage Integration
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPCVD Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition
LPI Launch Package Integration
LPIF Launch Package Integration Facility
LPM lines per minute
LPM liters per minute
LPS Launch Processing System
LPS Liquid Phase Sintering
LPT Laser Propulsion Test
LRAS Logistics Requirements Allocation Sheets
LRD Low-Rate Demodulator
LRR Launch Readiness Review
LRS Laser Reflectance Spectrometer
LRU land/line/lowest replaceable unit
LS Laboratory Starboard
LS Launch Site
LS Life Support
LS light shield
LSA logistics support analysis
LSA Large Space Antenna
LSA Launch Services Agreement
LSAP Launch Site Assembly Plan
LSAPM Logistics Support Analysis Procedures Manual
LSAR Logistics Support Analysis Record
LSB Least Significant Bit
LSC Large Solar Concentrator
LSE Laboratory Support Equipment
LSF Laboratory Support Facilities
LSF Life Sciences Facility
LSG Life Sciences Glovebox
LSI large-scale integration
LSIS Loral Space Information Systems
LSL Life Sciences Laboratory
LSLE Life Sciences Laboratory Equipment
LSM Life Support Module
LSM Logistics Support Manager
LSML Life Science Mini Laboratory
LSP Laboratory Support Processor
LSP Logistics Support Plan
LSRF Life Sciences Research Facility
LSS life support system
LSSI logistics support systems and integration
LSSM Launch Site Support Manager
LSSP Launch Site Support Plan
LSTE Large Structure Technology Experiment
LTL low temperature loop
LTU load transfer unit
LTV Logistics Transfer Vehicle
LZP level zero processing
M mega
M million
m meter
M&CE Manifesting and Cargo Engineering
M&D maintenance and depot
M&I management and integration
M&O maintenance and operations
M&P materials and processes
M&T manufacturing and test
m.d.t. Mountain Daylight Time
M/D meteoroid/debris
M/OD meteoroid/orbital debris
m/s meters per second
m/s/s meters per second per second
MA multiple access
MAA metal aerosol analyzer
MAAPP manufacturing assessment and planning package
MAAR Monthly Associate Administrator's Report
MAC Maintenance Allocation Chart
MAC Materials and Coatings
MAC Maximum Allowable Concentration
MAC Message Authentication Code
MAF Master Audit File
MAF multiple-access forward
MAGIK Manipulator Analysis, Graphics, and Integrated Kinematics
MALP Master Alarm Light Panel
MAMS Microgravity Acceleration Measurement System
MANM Mir Audible Noise Measurement
MAPS Maintainability Analysis and Prediction System
MAPSE Minimum Ada Program Support Environment
MAR Middeck Accommodations Rack
MAR multiple-access return
MAS Module Attach System
MAT Military Air Transport
MAT Multiple Access Transponder
MATE MDM Application Test Environment
Mb megabit(s)
MB manned base
Mb/s megabits per second
MBA Multiple-Bering Adaptor
mbar Millibar
MBB make before break
MBE Molecular Beam Epitaxial
MBF Mission Build Facility
MBM Manual Berthing Mechanism
MBPS million bits per second
Mbps megabits per second
MBS Mobile Remote Servicer Base System
MBSA main bus switching assembly
MBSU main bus switching unit
Mbyte megabyte
MC manned core
MC midcourse correction
MCA Major Constituent Analyzer
MCA Mission Complement Analysis
MCAD mechanical computer-aided design
MCAS Mobile Servicing System (MSS) Common Attach System
MCB Multilateral Control Board
MCC Mission Control Center
MCCF MSS command/control facility
MCCU Mission Control Center Units
MCDS Management, Communications, and Data System
MCDS Multifunction CRT Display System
MCE MSS Control Equipment
MCNIU Multicompatible Network Interface Unit
MCP Materials Control Plan
MCR Materials Control Requirement
MCS Maneuver Control Systems
MCS microbiology safety cabinet
MCS Motion Control Systems
MCT Management Control Team
MCU Mechanism Control Unit
MDA McDonnell Douglas Aerospace
MDA Mission Database Application
MDB mission data base
MDBMS Medical Data Base Management System
MDC maintenance data collection
MDC Manipulation Detection Code
MDCS Maintainability Data Collection System
MDD mission description document
MDE mechanism drive electronics
MDF Manipulator Development Facility
MDM multiplexer/demultiplexer
MDMS Maintenance Data Management System
MDP Master Development Plan
MDS Maintenance Diagnostic System
MDT mean down time
MDU Medical Development Unit
MEA mass/energy analysis
MECH mechanism
MECO main engine cutoff
MECSLSI mission equipment cargo support launch site installation
MED Momentum Exchange Device
MED-FI medium fidelity
MEDS Multifunction Electronic Display Subsystem
MEEP Mir Environment Exposure Payload
MEG magneto encephalogram
MEK Methyl-Ethyl-Keytone
MEO medium earth orbit
MEP Mission Execution Plan
MER Mission Evaluation Room
MET Mission Elapsed Time
MeV millions of electron volts
MeV megaelectronvolt
MFC Multiple Flight Computer
MFED multifunctional exercise device
MFR manipulator/mobile foot restraint
mg milligram
MGBX microgravity glovebox
MGM/PFT metabolic gas monitor/pulmonary function tester
MGSE Mechanical Ground Support Equipment
MGSS Manned Geosynchronous Spacecraft Servicer
MHAC Multifrequency High-Gain Antenna Configuration
MHD magnetohydrodynamics
MHEX Material Handling Extension
MHz megahertz
MI Management Integration
MI Manufacturing Instruction
MI modification instruction
mi mile
MIA Multiplex Interface Adapter
MIB medical information bus
MIB Multilayer Interconnection Board
MIC Management Information Center
MIC microphone
MIC microwave integrated circuit
MICS Material Inventory Control System
MIDAS materials in devices as superconductors
MIE modal identification experiment
MIF Module Integration Facility
mil thousandths of an inch
MIL-HDBK military handbook
MIL-STD military standard
MILSPEC military specification
MlLSTAR Military Strategic/Tactical and Relay Satellite
MIM microgravity isolation measurement
MIMO multiple input, multiple output
min minimum
min minute
MIO Management Integration Office
MIP Maintainability Implementation Plan
MIP Mission Integration Plan
MIPS million instructions per second
MIPS Mir Interface to Payload Systems
MIR Mission Integration Review
MIRR Material Inspection and Receiving Report
MIS Management Information System
MIS Master Integrated Schedule
MIS Medical Information System
MiSDE Mir Structural Dynamics Experiment
MISN Master Integrated Schedule/Network
MITA manufacturing integration test assembly
MIUL Material Identification Usage List
MLA multilinear array
MLA multispectral linear array
MLE maximum likelihood estimation
MLI multilayer insulation
MLP Monitored Line Program
MLR mass loss rate
MLS Microwave Limb Sounder
mm millimeters
MM Momentum Management
MM/OD micrometeoroid/orbital debris
MMA module manager application
MMA multiplexer mating adapter
MMC Mission Management Computer
MMCH/Y Mean Maintenance Crew Hours per Year
MMCL Master Measurements and Command List
MMD mass-measurement device
MMD mean mission duration
MMD Mobile Maintenance Depot
MMDB Master Measurement Data Base
MMDB Mission Manifesting Data Base
MMDM multi multiplexer-demultiplexer
MMDS Mission Management Data System
MME man month equivalents
MMH monomethylhydrazine
mmHg millimeters of Mercury
MMl man-machine interface
MML Master Measurement List
MMMD micro mass-measurement device
MMMH mean maintenance man hours
MMP magnetospheric multiprobes
MMS Maintenance Management System
MMS Manufacturing Message Specification
MMS Momentum Management System
MMS multimission spacecraft
MMSE multimission support equipment
MMT Mission Management Team
MMU mass memory unit
MO Management Operations
MO Module Outfitting
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOD Miscellaneous Obligating Document
MOD Mission Operations Directorate
MOD module outfitting design
MOD/UM modulated/unmodulated
MODB Master Object data base
MODIS Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectrometer
MOI moment of inertia
MOIWG Mission Operations and Integration Working Group
MOL Manned Orbiting Laboratory
MOODS multiple orbiting objects dynamics simulation
MOP maximum operating pressure
MOP Mission Optimization Program
MORES metal oxide regenerable subsystem
MOT musculoskeletal overload trainer
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MP maintenance platform
MPA Maintenance Prompter Application
MPA multiple payload adapter
MPAC Multipurpose Application Console
MPAD Mission Planning and Analysis Division
MPC multiple-payload carrier
MPDB Main Power Distribution Board
MPEV Manual Pressure Equalization Valve
MPLM Mini-Pressurized Logistics Module
MPP Material Processing Platform
MPPF Materials Processing Products Facility
MPRD maintainability process requirements document
MPS Main Propulsion System
MPS Materials Processing in Space
MPS Materials Processing System
MPS mechanically pumped system
MPS Mission Planning System
MPS Modular Power Subsystem
mps meters per second
MPSR mission profile storage and retrieval
MPT Mission Planning Terminal
MPWG Mass Properties Working Group
MR management and resources
MR management report/review
MR materials request
MRAD Mission Requirements and Allocations Document
MRB Material Review Board
MRCS MSS Robotics Control Station
MRCS multiple report creation system
MRD mission requirements document
MRDB Mission Requirements Data Base
MRMDF Multi-use Remote Manipulator Development Facility
MRMS Mobile Remote Manipulator System
MRS Medical Restraint System
MRS mobile remote servicer
MRWG Mission Requirements Working Group
MS margins of safety
MS Mission Specialist
ms mail stop
ms rnillisecond
MSA module structure assembly
MSA multiuse solar array
MSAD Microgravity Science and Applications Division
MSB most significant bit
MSC Mission Systems Contract
MSC Mobile Servicing Center
MSCS Mobile Service Center System
MSD mass storage device
MSE maintenance support equipment
MSF mass storage function
MSFC Marshall Space Flight Center
MSI maintenance-significant items
MSI multisystem integration
MSID Measurement Stimulation Identification
MSIF multisystem integration facility
MSIS Man-Systems Integration Standards
MSRE Mir Sample Return Experiment
MSS Mission Specialist Station
MSS Mobile Servicing System
MST modular servicing tool
MST Module System Trainer
MSTL Man-Systems Telerobotics Laboratory
MSU mass storage unit
MT Mobile Transporter
MT&L manufacturing, test and logistics
MTA maintenance task analysis
MTB magnetic torque bar
MTBF mean time between failures
MTBR mean time between repairs
MTCT manipulator/teleoperator control technology
MTE manual test equipment
MTEM Mobile Transporter Element Manager
MTIRI Multispectral Thermal Infrared Imager
MTL Manufacturing and Technology Laboratory
MTL Master Time Line
MTL Materials Technology Laboratory
MTL moderate temperature loop
MTLO Moscow Technical Liaison Office
MTP Master Test Plan
MTS Mobile Transporter System
MTS module-to-truss structure
MTTR mean time to repair/replace
MTTS mean time to service
MTU master timing unit
MTV Manned Transport Vehicle
MUA Materials Usage Agreement
MUX multiplexer
mV millivolt
MVAK Module Vertical Access Kit
MVP Master Verification Plan
MVPR Master Verification Process Requirements
MVR Master Verification Requirements
MVS Multiple Virtual System
MVS Mutual Visual System
MW microwaves
MWA Maintenance Work Area
MWG Maintainability/Measurements Working Group
MWGS mixed waste gas system
MWNE Mir Wireless Network Experiment
MWS maintenance workstation
MWS mini workstation
MYE manyear equivalent
Myte/s megabytes per second
n neutron
N Newton(s)
N/A not applicable/available
N/C no change
N2 nitrogen
NAC NASA Advisory Council
NACAIT Network and Communications Analysis and Integration Team
NAS node avionics simulator
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASCOM NASA Communications (network)
NASDA National Space Development Agency of Japan
NASP National Aerospace Plane
NASTRAN NASA Structural Analysis Computer Program
NB navigation base
NB neutral buoyancy
NBF Neutral Buoyancy Facility
NBL Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NBS Neutral Buoyancy Simulator
NBT Neutral Buoyancy Test
NC numerically controlled
NC 1 First Phasing Maneuver (Orbiter rendezvous maneuver)
NC(Curve) noise criteria curve
NCC Network Control Center
NCC Nominal Corrective Combination Maneuver
NCCDS Network Control Center Data System
NCD number column density
NCEN Network Compatibility Engineer
NCG noncondensible gas
NCn nth Phasing Maneuver
NCRPM National Council of Radiation Protection and Measurement
NCS Node Control Software
NDC notification of document change
NDE nondestructive evaluation
NDI nondestructive inspection
NDT nondestructive test
Ne neon
NEMS NASA Equipment Management System
NET network
NFS NASA FAR Supplement
NFSD NASA FAR Supplement Directive
NGT NASA Ground Terminal
NH 1 First Differential Height Maneuver
NHB NASA handbook
NHn nth Differential Height Maneuver
NIA Network Interface Adaptor
NIE natural and induced environment
NIEP Natural and Induced Environments Panel
NIF network interface function
NIH National Institutes of Health
NiH2 nickel hydrogen
NIM Network Integration Manager
NIMS NASA Interface Monitoring System
NIPS NASA Interactive Planning System
NIR nonionizing radiation
NISI network and information system integration
NIST National Institute of Standards and Testing (formerly NBS)
NIU Network Interface Unit
NLT not less than
NM network management
nm nanometer
NMI NASA Management Instruction
nmi nautical mile
NMLO NASA Moscow Liaison Office
NOA New Obligation Authority
NOA notice of availability
NOS Network Operating System
NOSP Network Operations Support Plan
NPD NASA Program Directive
NPR National Performance Review
NPSS NASA Packet Switching System
NR not required
NRC National Research Council
NRT nonreal time
NRZ not return to zero
NSA National Security Agency
NSA Node Switching Assembly
NSCORT NASA Specialized Centers of Research and Training
NSE Network Simulations/Systems Engineer
NSF National Science Foundation
NSIS NASA Software Information System
NSN National Stock Numbers
NSP NASA Support Plan
NSPAR Nonstandard Part Approval Request
NSRML Naval Submarine Research Medical Laboratory
NSRS NASA Safety Reporting System
NSS NISI Security Subpanel
NSS/GO NASA Safety Standards/Ground Operations
NST Node Systems Trainer
NSTL National Space Technology Laboratory
NSTS National Space Transportation System (Do Not Use--use SSP)
NSU Node Switching Unit
NTA network test adapter
NTA Nitrogen tank assembly
NTE not to exceed
NTO nitrogen tetroxide
NTSC National Television Standards Committee
NTTF Network Test and Training Facility
NWAN NASA Wide Area Network
O&C operations and checkout
O&M operations and maintenance
O&R operations and robotics
O&SHA Operating and Support Hazard Analysis
O&U operations and utilization
O&UCB Operations and Utilization Control Board
O/A operations/administrative
O/D on dock
O2 oxygen
OA office automation
OACT Office of Advanced Concepts and Technology
OAS Orbiter Attachment System
OASIS Orbiter Avionics to Station Interface System
OAST Office of Aeronautics and Space Technology
OATS Optical Alignment Transfer System
OB octave band
OBC onboard computer
OBCO onboard check out
OBCP Onboard Computer Program
OBCS Onboard Computer System
OBS Operational Bioinstrumentation System
OBS Organization Breakdown Structure
OBT onboard training
OCA Overall Configuration Analyses
OCC Operations Control Center
OCP Office of Commercial Programs
OCP Operations Control Panel
OCR Operations Capability Reference/Review
OCR Optical Character Reader
OCS Operations and Control Software
OCS Operational Control Segment
OCS Onboard Computer System [Russian]
OCZ Operational Control Zone
OD outside diameter
ODB Operations Data Base
ODBMS Onboard Data Base Management System
ODC other direct charge
ODC V/A other detailed cost value/added
ODF Operations Data File
ODIN onboard data interfaces and network
ODM operational data message
ODRS Orbital Decay and Reboost Simulation
ODS Orbiter Docking System
OE operating envelope (OMS term)
OEL Operational Events List
OEM original equipment manufacturer
OETC Oversized Element Transportation Cradle
OF outfitting
OFDS operations flight design system
OFP Operational Flight Profile
OFPP Office of Federal Procurement Policy
OFT Orbital Flight Test
OGE objective grating electronics
OHA operating hazards analysis
OI operational instrumentation/increment/integration
OI operations integration
OIP Operations Integration Panel
OIS Operational Intercommunication System
OISR Open Item Status Report
OIU Orbiter Interface Unit
OJT on the job training
OLIPSE Optizon Liquid Phase Sintering Experiment
OLSD off-line storage device
OMA Operations Management Application
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OMCF Orbiter Maintenance & Checkout Facility
OMGA Operations Management Ground Application
OMIS Operations and Maintenance Information System
OMLC Operations Management & Logistics Center
OMM Orbital Maintenance Mission
OMP Operations and Maintenance Plan
OMRS Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Specifications
OMS Orbital Measuring System
OMS Orbital Maneuvering System
OMV Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
OMWS Orbiter Maintenance Workstation
OOCI OSTP/ODF crew interface
OOD object oriented design
OOS On-orbit Operations Summary
OP operation
OP Operational Processing
OP Operations Panel
OPAS Operations Planning and Analysis Systems
OPB Operations Program Baseline
OPF Orbiter Processing Facility
OPM Optical Properties Monitor
OPR Office of Primary Responsibility
OPS Operations Planning System
OPS operations
ORA Operational Requirements Analysis
ORACLE a software data base tool
ORD Operations Requirements Document
ORI Operational Readiness Inspection
ORLA optimum repair-level analysis
ORR Operational Readiness Review
ORU Orbital Replacement Unit
OS Operating System
OS Operations Support
OS Orbital Station
OSA Orbiter-based Station Avionics
OSAR Operations Suitability Assessment Report
OSC Operations Support Center
OSE orbital support equipment
OSF Office of Space Flight
OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration
OSI open system interconnection
OSID Operating System Interface Definition
OSPL overall sound pressure level
OSR Operational Safety Review
OSSE Oriented Scintillation Spectrometer Experiment
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
OSTP onboard short term Plan
OSU On-Orbit Serviceable Unit
OSVS Orbiter Space Vision System
OT&E operational test and evaluation
OTA Optical Telescope Assembly
OTC over the counter
OTCM ORU/Tool Changeout Mechanism
OTDA Office of Tracking and Data Acquisition
OTS off-the-shelf
OTU Output Terminal Unit
OTV Orbital Transfer Vehicle
OUCD Operations and Utilization Capability Development
OWS Operations Workstation
p pressure
P platform
p proton
P port
P&SA Payload and Servicing Accommodations
P&W particle and waves
P-MPAC Portable Multipurpose Application Console
P-V power voltage
p.d.t. Pacific Daylight Time
p.s.t. Pacific Standard Time
P/L payload
P/N part number
PA power amplifier
PA Product Assurance
PAAR Product Assurance Action Report
PAB Parts Advisory Board
PABF Precision Air Bearing Floor
PAD program approval document
PADS Product Assurance Data System
PAE Payload Attached Equipment
PAFAM Performance and Failure Assessment Monitor
PAH Payload Accommodations Handbook
PAI payload analytical integration
PAIM Product Assurance Integration Manager
PAIT Program Analysis and Integration Team
PALS Program Automated Library System
PAM Payload Assist Module
PAM Payload Accommodation Manager
PAP Payload Activity Plan
PAPL Program Approved Parts List
PAPR Product Assurance Program Representative
PARS Property Accountability Record System
PASDE Photogrammetric Appendage Structural Dynamics Experiment
PASR Product Assurance Source Representative
PATS Payload Avionics Test Station
PAYCOM Payload Command
PAYDAT payload data
PBA Portable Breathing Apparatus
PBA pressurized berthing adapter
PBM pressurized berthing module
PC personal computer
PC plasma contactor
PC printed circuit
PCA payload control areas
PCA Pressure Control Assembly
PCA Procurement Configuration Audit
PCA Program Commitment Agreement
PCB Parts/Program Control Board
PCB Payload Control Board
PCC Platform Control Center
PCC Program Coordination Committee
PCG protein crystal growth
PCI product configuration identification
PCM phase change material
PCM program cost management
PCMCIA Portable Computer Memory Card International Adapter
PCR Payload Certification Review
PCR Portable Computer Receptacle
PCS Portable Computer System
PCTS Program Correspondence Tracking System
PCU power conditioning unit
PCU Power Conversion Unit
PD passive damper
PD program directive
PDA Portable Diagnostic Analyzer
PDA Power Distribution Assembly
PDA pressurized docking adapter
PDAP Portable Data Acquisition Package
PDBD Preliminary Design Baseline Directives
PDCA power distribution and control assembly
PDCS Procedure Development and Control System
PDCU Power Distribution Control Unit
PDDR product definition data requirements
PDGF power and data grapple fixture
PDIP Payload Data Interface Panel
PDL Program Design Language
PDM pressurized docking mast/mechanism
PDM Program Development Methodology
PDMA Pressurized Docking Mating Adapter
PDMS Payload Data Management System
PDO Performance Determination Official
PDP Programmable Display Pushbutton
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDRD Program Definition and Requirements Document
PDRS payload deployment retrieval system
PDS PRACA Data System
PDSS Payload Data Services System
PDU power distribution unit
PDU prototype development unit
PDV predelivery verification
PE Photometer Electronics
PE plasma effects
PE preceding event
PEB Performance Evaluation Board
PEC Performance Evaluation Committee
PEC plasma effects compatibility
PEC Proposal Evaluation Committee
PEDB Payload Engineering Data Base
PEHG Payload Ethernet Hub Gateway
PEM plastic encapsulated microcircuits
PEO Polar Earth Orbit
PEP Portable Emergency Provisions
PEP Program Execution Plan
PERB Performance Evaluation Review Board
PERT Program Evaluation Review Technique
PET phase elapsed time
PF platform
PF protoflight
PFCS Pump/Flow Control Subassembly
PFE portable fire extinguisher
PFM pulse frequency modulation
PFR Portable Foot Restraint
PFU parts followup
PG product group
PGHM payload ground-handling mechanism
PGOC Payload Ground Operations Contractor
PGSC Payload General Support Computer
PGSE payload ground-support equipment
PGU Plant Growth Unit
PH personal hygiene
pH measure of acidity
PHA Preliminary Hazard Analysis
PHC Permanent Human Capability
PHCP Payload Hazard Control Plan
PI payload integrator
PIA Payload Interface Adapter
PIA Program Initiation Agreement
PIC plume impingement contamination
PID prime item development
PIDG proportional, integral, and differential gain
PIE Particle Impact Experiment
PIM Payload Integration Manager
PIMS Payload Information Management System
PIMS Plasma Integration Monitoring System
PIND particle impact noise detection
PIO Program Integration Office
PIO provisioned item order
PIP Payload Integration Plan
PIRN Preliminary/Proposed Interface Revision Notice
PIT preintegrated truss
PIU Power Interface Unit
P/LC payload compartment
PL/PL prelaunch/postlanding
PLAN Payload Local Area Network
PLB payload bay
PLC pressurized logistic carrier
PLH Payload Handling
PLM payload/pressurized logistics module
PLSS Payload Support Structure
PLSS Portable Life Support System (subsystem)
PLSS Primary Life-Support System
PLT pilot
PM Performance Monitor
PM pressurized module
PM preventive maintenance
PM program manager
PM propulsion module
PMA platform management application
PMA pressurized mating adapter
PMA pump module assembly
PMAA propulsion module attach assembly
PMAD Power Management and Distribution
PMAS Propulsion Module Attach Structure
PMB Performance Measurement Baseline
PMC Power Management Controller
PMCU Power Management Controller Unit
PMDS Power Management and Distribution System
PMDU propulsion module development unit
PMM Property Management Manual
PMM Propulsion Module Manager
PMP parts, materials, and processes
PMP Program Management Plan
PMPAC Portable Multipurpose Application Console
PMPP Preventive Maintenance Prediction Program
PMR Program Manager's Review
PMRS Partial Medical Restraint System
PMS Performance Measurement System
PMS Platform Management System
PMS Polar Meteorological Satellite
PMS Program Master Schedule
PMSR Performance Measurement System Report
PMV pressure monitoring valve
PN pseudonoise
PNP Preliminary Network Plan
PNP prenegotiation position
PNP probability of no penetration
PO Program Office
PO purchase order
POC point of contact
POCC Payload Operations Control Center
POCRFC Proof-of-Concept Rotary Fluid Coupler
PODF Payload Operations Data File
POIC Payload Operations Integration Center
POIF payload operation integration function
POL paints, oils, and lubricants
POP period of performance
POP perpendicular-to-orbit plane
POP Program Operating Plan (POP-96)
POP/IOP Program Operating Plan/Institution Operating Plan
POPIS proximity operations plume impingement simulation
pos position
POST power-on self test
POV proximity operations vehicle
POWS Program Operating Work Statement
POZ Proximity Operations Zone
PP program procedure
PP project plan
PP&C Program Planning and Control
PPA Pump Package Assembly
PPAL Preliminary Preferred Parts List
PPCO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide
PPF Payload Processing Facilities
PPFR Powered Portable Foot Restraint
PPL Plant Physiology Laboratory
PPM primary propulsion manager
ppm parts per million
PPO2 partial pressure oxygen
PPOC Platform Payload Operations Center
PPOP Platform Payload Operations Plan
PPR Payload Preparation Room
PPRV positive pressure relief valve
PPS Payload Pointing System
PQA program quality acceptance
PR Purchase Request
PR&A Program Requirements and Assessment
PRA Probabilistic Risk Assessment
PRAB Program Risk Assessment Board
PRACA Problem Reporting and Corrective Action
PRAD Processor Resource Allocation Document
PRCB Program Requirements Change Board
PRCS Primary Reaction Control System
PRD Program Requirements Document
Priroda One of the modules of the Mir Orbiting Station
PRL Program Requirements List
Progress Russian unmanned resupply vehicle for Mir
PRP personnel reliability program
PRR Preliminary/Program Requirements Review
PS payload scientist/specialist
PS Personal System
PS Platform Servicing
PS/2 Personal System/2
PSA Preliminary Safety Analysis
PSA provisions storage assemblies
PSAT Predicted Site Acquisition Table
PSC Payload Steering Committee
PSC Platform Support Center
PSC Program Support Communications
PSCN Program Support Communications Network
PSCN/I Program Support Communications Network/Interface
PSCRD Program Support Communications Requirements Document
PSF Power Systems Facility (LeRC facility)
psi pounds per square inch
psia pounds per square inch absolute
psig pounds per square inch gage
PSL Parts Selection List
PSM Program Staff Manager
PSP Program Support Plan
PSRP Payload Safety Review Panel
PSS Payload Specialist Station
PSS Planning and Scheduling System
PSS Polar Subsurface Sounder
PST Planetary Spectroscopy Telescope
PT push-to-talk
PTA prototype test article
PTA propellant tank assembly
PTC payload training cabability
PTCS Passive Thermal Control System/Subsystem
PTFE Polytetrafluorethylene (Teflon)
PTI programmed test input
PTOP Platform Transfer Operations Plan
PTP payload tactical planning
PTR Port Thermal Radiator
PTS permanent threshold shift
PTS Precise Time System
PTTI precise time and time interface
PTU pan tilt unit
PUP Payload Utilization Plan
PV photovoltaic
PVC photovoltaic control
PVCU photovoltaic controller unit
PVM photovoltaic module
PVR photovoltaic radiator
PVTCS Photovoltaic Module Thermal Control System
PWA printed wiring assemblies
PWB printed wiring board
PWC primary/program work code
PWP Portable Water Processor
PWP portable work platform
pwr power
PWS Portable Work Station
PY program year
q quality factor
QA quality assurance
QAI Quality Assurance Instruction
QD quick disconnect
QDR Quality Discrepancy Report
QF Quality Factor
QM/FM qualification model/flight model
QML qualified manufacturing line
QMR Quick Medical Reference
QPSK Quadriphase Shift Key
QS Quality System
QSA Qualification Site Approval
QSD Quality Support/Systems Division
QTA Qualification Test Article
QTP Qualification Test/Procedure
R&D research and development
R&M reliability and maintainability
R&QA reliability and quality assurance
R&T research and technology
Ra radium
RACU Russian-American Converter Unit
RAD Radiation Absorbed Dose
RADALT radar altimeter
RAFP Resource Allocation & Functional Partitioning
RAFPP Resource Allocation & Functional Partitioning Panel
RAM random access memory
RAM Responsibility Assignment Matrix
RAMIS Rapid-Access Management Information System
RAMPAT Reliability and Maintainability Prediction and Notification Tool
RAN Resource Allocation Notice
RAS reference assembly sequence
RB radiator bending
RBC Recoverable ballistic capsule
RBDA reliability block diagram analysis
RBE relative biological effectiveness
RBI Remote Bus Isolator
RC Reference Configuration
RC ring concentrator
RCB Requirements Change Board
RCM reliability centered maintenance
RCS Reaction Control System/Subsystem
RCU remote control unit
RCU ring concentrator unit
RD radiator drive
RD Rocketdyne
RDA Recommended Dietary Allowance
RDB Relational/Requirements Data Base
RDC Regional Data Center
RDCS Reconfiguration Data Collection System
RDD requirements definition document
RDMA Risk Data Management Application
RDRM Return Data Relay Measurement
RDT&E research, development, test, and engineering
RECP request for engineering change proposal
REE Responsible Equipment Engineer
REF reference
REFCON Reference Configuration
REM rocket engine module
REM Roentgen Equivalent Man (unit of dost equivalent)
REV revision
RF radio frequency
RFA request for action
RFC regenerative fuel cell
RFC rotary fluid coupler
RFCA rack flow control assembly
RFCT ready for crew training
RFD request for deviation
RFF request for flight
RFI radio frequency interference
RFI request for information
RFM Redundancy and Fault Management
RFMD rotary fluid management device
RFP request for proposal
RFPG Radio Frequency Protection Guides
RFQ request for quotations
RGA Rate Gyro Assembly
RGP rate gyro package
RGPS Relative Global Positioning System
RGS Russian Ground Segment
RHC right hand circular
RHC Rotational Hand Controller
RI Rockwell International
RIA Rack Interface Agreement
RID review item discrepancy/disposition
RIF request for information
RIM Relational Information Management
RJCC rotor joint command and control
RJE remote job entry
RJM resistojet module
RJMC rotary joints motor controller/coupler
RLA repair level analysis
RLG ring laser gyro
RLLS Russian Language and Logistics Support
RLSC Russian Language Services Contract
RLV Reusable Launch Vehicle
RM remote manipulator
RM Redundancy/Resource Management
RM Research Module
RMAT Reliability and Maintainability Assessment Tool
RMDU remote multiplexer/demultiplexer unit
RME Risk Mitigation Experiment
RME responsible maintainability engineers
RMPS Remote Manipulator Planning System
RMS rate monotonic scheduling
RMS record management system
RMS remote manipulator system
RMS Risk Management System
RMS root mean square
RN resource node
RNA ribonucleic acid
RNIU Remote/Redundant Network Interface Unit
ROAM robotics ORU assembly and maintenance
ROC Regional Operations Center
ROD record of discussion
RODB Runtime Object Data Base
ROEU remotely operable electrical umbilical
ROM read only memory
ROM rough order of magnitude
ROS regulated oxygen supply
ROS removable overhead structure
ROS Russian Orbital Segment
ROTV Reusable Orbiter Transfer Vehicle
RPC remote power converter/controller
RPCM remote power control mechanism
RPDA remote power distribution assembly
RPDP Recoverable Plasma Diagnostics Package
RPF Robotics Planning Facility
RPL Rodent and Primate Laboratory
RPS Remote Planning System
RPSA Recovery Procedure Selection Application
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
rqmt requirement
RR Rendezvous Radar
RRMD Realtime Radiation Monitor Device
RS reference standard
RS Robotic Servicer
RS Russian Segment
RSA Russian Space Agency
RSC Remote Service Center
RSC-E Rocket Space Corporation-Energia
RSIS Robotic Systems Integration Standards
RSS root-sum-square
RSS Rotating Service Structure
RST Russian Segment Trainer
RSU rate sensor unit
RSU roller suspension unit
RT remote terminal
RTE Real/Run Time Environment
RTG Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator
RTHC rotation translation hand controller
RTL Responsible Task Leader
RTLS return to launch site
RTM Requirements Traceability Manager
rtn return
RTOP Research and Technology Objectives and Plans
RTS real-time subsystem
RTS RID Tracking System
RTV Room-Temperature Vulcanized
RUM remote unit manipulator/monitor
RUPSM Resource Utilization Planning/Systems Model
RUR Reference Update Review
RV routine verification
RW roll wrapping
RWA Reaction Wheel Assembly
RWAM Reaction Wheel Assembly Module
RWG Robotics Working Group
RWS remote workstation
Rx receiver
s segment
S Starboard truss segment
S0 Starboard truss segment 0
S&E sensors and effectors
S&M structures and mechanisms
S&MA safety and mission assurance
S&S status and scheduling
S&TC Science and Technology Center
S&U science and utilization
S-SIM S-Band Simulator
S/C spacecraft
S/DTA structural/dedicated test article
S/G space-to-ground
S/M structures/mechanisms
S/N serial number
S/S subsystem
S/W software
SA selective availability
SA single access
SA Solar Array
SA supplemental assembly
SAA South Atlantic anomaly
SAA subsystem architecture and analysis
SAAM Science and Applications Mission
SAB Space Applications Board
SABB solar array blanket boxes
SAE Solar Array Experiment
SAEPL Space Station Approved EEE Parts List
SAES Solar Array Electrical Simulator
SAFER simplified aid for EVA rescue
SAGE Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment
SAI Systems Application Integration
SAIS Science & Application Information System
SAM servicing and maintenance
SAMS Space Acceleration Measurement System
SAP Service Access Point
SAR Safety Analysis Report
SAR software architecture review
SAR specific absorption rate
SAR synthetic aperture radar
SARJ solar alpha rotary joint
SAS Solar Array Simulator
SAS Statistical Analysis System
SASE Specific Application Software Elements
SAT Servicing Aid Tool
SAT single access transmitter
SATE SDP application test environment
SATS Satellite Automated Test System
SATS Station Accommodation Test Set
SB S-band
SB small business
SBA Small Business Administration
SBA space-based antenna
SBAR space-based antenna range
SBB Satellite Busy Box
SBF single barrier failure
SBL space-based laser
SC segment control
SC stage/system configuration
SC station commander
SCA Shuttle Carrier Aircraft
SCARA schedule, cost, and risk assessment
SCAT scatterometer
SCAT System Commonality Analysis Tool
SCBA self contained breathing apparatus
SCD specification control drawing
SCDR Safety Compliance Data Report
SCE signal conditioning equipment
SCG Security Classification Guide
SCG Solar Concentrator Group
SCIM standard cubic inches per minute
SCL space component lifetime
SCM Software Configuration Management
SCM spacecraft materials
SCM space cargo modified
SCMA Station Configuration Monitoring Application
SCN Specification Change Notice
SCP Systems Control Panel
SCPMP Station Crew Procedures Management Plan
SCR Schedule Change Request
SCR solar cosmic radiation
SCR space constructible radiator
SCR system conceptual requirements
SCS Satellite Control Section
SCSI Small Computer System Interface
SCTF Sonny Carter Training Facility
SD support development
SD solar dynamics
SDB small disadvantaged business
SDD software design documentation
SDD software design document
SDDD Software Detail Design Document
SDDP Solar Dynamic Demonstration Project
SDDU System Development and Diagnostic Unit
SDE Software Development Environment
SDFD Solar Dynamic Flight Demonstration
SDIL Software Development Integration Lab
SDIO serial digital input/output
SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIP Systems Design and Integration Panel
SDLC synchronous data link communication
SDLT static/dynamic load technology
SDLV Shuttle-Derived Launch Vehicle
SDM Solar Dynamic Module
SDM Subsystem/System Development Manager
SDO solenoid driver output
SDOM Station Development and Operations Meeting
SDP Safety Data Package
SDP Software Development Plan
SDP Standard Data Processor
SDP Standard/System Data Processor
SDPF Science Data Processing Facility
SDR Software Design Requirements
SDR System Design Review
SDS Satellite Data System
SDT System Design Team
SDTN Space and Data Tracking Network
SDV Shuttle-Derived Vehicle
SE Spectrometer Electronics
SE support environment
SE support equipment
SE system engineer
SE&A System Engineering and Analysis
SE&I system engineering and integration
SEAD Space Station Early Assembly Demonstration
SEASAR Sea Synthetic Aperture Radar
SEASAT Sea Surveillance Satellite
SEB Source Evaluation Board
sec second
SEDB Support Equipment Data Base
SEE single event effect
SEI support equipment installation
SEID support equipment item description
SEIR Support Equipment Item Requirement
SEL Systems Engineering Laboratory
SEM Scanning Electron Microscopy
SEM Sustaining Engineering Manager
SEM System Engineering Manager
SEMP Systems Engineering Management Plan
SEMS Systems Engineering Master Schedule
SEMU Short Extravehicular Mobility Unit
SEP solar electric propulsion
SEP solar energetic particles
SEPAC Space Experiments with Particle Accelerators
SEPS secondary/solar electric power system
SERD support equipment requirements document
SERR Support Equipment Requirements Review
SERS Space Erectable Radiator System
SES Shuttle Engineering Simulator
SES Systems Engineering/Evaluation Simulator
SESA Support Element Selection Algorithm
SESL Space Environment Simulation Laboratory
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
SEU single-event upset
SEUL Support Equipment Utilization List
SF Servicing Facility
SF standard form
SFA Small Fine Arm
SFCA System Flow Control Assembly
SFDF Station Flight Data File
SFDR System Functional Design Review
SFE smart front-end
SFE Static Feed Electrolysis
SFF Small Formation Flyer
SFHe superfluid helium
SFM Service Facility Manipulator
SFP single failure point
SFP Summary Flight Plan
SFPS Single Failure Point Summary
SFTA software fault tolerance analysis
SFU Space Flyer Unit
SGAC space-to-ground antenna controller
SGANT space-to-ground antenna
SGBSP space-to-ground baseband signal processor
SGE Strain Gage Electronics
SGL space-to-ground link
SHA system hazard analysis
SHAPES Spatial, High-Accuracy Position Encoding Sensor
SHARE Station Heatpipe Advanced Radiator Element
SHF S-band high frequency
SI science instrument
SI solar inertial/intensity/international
SI International System of Units
SI&A Systems Integration and Avionics
SI&T Software Integration & Test
SIA solar inertial attitude
SIA standard interface adapter
SIA Station Interface Adapter
SIB simulation interface buffer
SIB Systems Integration Board
SIC Standard Industrial Classification
SIC Standard Interface Connector
SICDH Scientific Instrument Computer and Data Handling
SID selected item drawing
SID Simulator Interface Device
SID standard interface docurnent
SIDD Servicing Implementation Definition Docurnent
SIF Software Integration Facility
SIF System Integration Facility
SIGAda special interest group on Ada
SIL Speech Interference Level
SIL system integration laboratory
SIM simulation
SIM System Integration Manager
SIMS Shuttle Inventory Management System
SINDA Systems Improved Numerical Differencing Analyzer
SiO2 silicon dioxide
SIP Strategic Information Plan
SIP systems integration panel
SIPE Scientific Instrument Protection Enclosure
SIPS Simulation Interface & Processing System
SIS Simulator Interface Subsystem
SIT Software Integration Test
SIVT system integration verification and test
SL Space Lab
SLA Scanning Laser Altimeter
SLASER Space Laser
SLAW Station Logistics Analysis Worksheet
SLC Shuttle Launch Complex
SLC specialized logistics carrier
SLD Simulated Launch Demonstration
SLDPF Spacelab Data Processing Facility
SLED System-Level Engineering Documentation
SLF Shuttle Landing Facility
SLIC Systems and Logistics Integration Capability
SLOC source/standard lines of code
SLS Spacelab Life Sciences
SLSD Space and Life Sciences Directorate
SLSR Service Level Status Report
SM Service Module
SM system manager/management
SM&C Station Management and Control
SM&F Structures, Mechanical and Fluid Systems
SMA Science Monitoring Area
SMAC Spacecraft Maximum Allowable Concentration
SMAIT Subcontractor Management Analysis & Integration Team
SMAP Software Management and Assurance Program
SMART Safety and Mission Assurance Review Team
SMARTS Spacecraft Mission Analysis Real-Time Simulator
SMASE Shuttle/Mir Alignment Stability Experiment
SMCE Secondary Mirror Control Electronics
SMCH standard mixed cargo harness
SMD Structures and Mechanics Division
SMF Space Medical Facility
SMF Superconducting Magnetic Facility
SMMD Small Mass Measurement Device
SMP Security/Software Management Plan
SMPT Shuttle Main Propulsion Test
SMR source, maintainability and recoverability
SMR supportability, maintainability, and repairability
SMS Separation Mechanism Subsystem
SMS Service Manipulator System
SMS Shuttle Mission Simulator
SMTF Shuttle Mission Training Facility
SN space network
SNA Shaping Network Assembly
SNA System Network Architecture
SNDU Standard Network Data Unit
SNLDU standard network layer data unit
SNS SSIS Network Simulator
SO station operator
SOA systems operability assessment
SOC System Operating Concept
SOD start of development
SOD statement of direction
SODB Space Shuttle Operations Data Book
SODF Systems Operations Data File
SOHO Solar Heliosphere Observatory
SOP Safety Operating Procedure
SOP Standard/System Operating Procedure
SOP System Operations Panel
SOPC Shuttle Operations and Planning Center
SOR stable orbit endezvous
SOT systems operation testing
SOT Structural Operations Technology
SOW Statement of Work
Soyuz Russian vehicle used to transport personnel to and from Mir
SPA Small Payload Attachment
SPACEHAB One of the ISS modules
SPARC Standard Planning & Requirement Committee
SPARS Safety/Product Assurance Requirements Specification
SPAS Space Pallet Satellite
SPASCOM Space Station cost model
SPB Strategic Planning Board
SPC secondary power controller
SPC Service and Performance Checkout
SPC Shuttle Processing Contractor
SPC Supplier Product Control
SPCE servicing performance and checkout equipment
SPCS Service and Performance Checkout System
SPCU service and performance checkout unit
SPD serial parallel digital
SPDA secondary power distribution assembly
SPDD Software Preliminary Design Document
SPDM special purpose dexterous manipulator
SPDMS Shuttle Program Data Management System
SPDR Software/Subcontractor Preliminary Design Review
SPDS Secondary Power Distribution System
SPDS shuttle/stabilized payload deployment system
SPE Solar Particle Event
SPEE special purpose end effector
Spektr One of the modules of the Mir Orbiting Station
SPEL Space Power Electronics Lab
SPEX space plasma experiment
SPF single-point failure
SPF Software Production Facility
SPF Space Power Facility
SPF Spacelab Processing Facility
SPF specific pathogen free
SPI Schedule Performance Index
SPIA Small Payload Interface Adapter
SPIAP shuttle payload integration activities plan
SPIP Station Program Implementation Plan
SPL solar pumped laser
SPL sound pressure level
SPM solar power module
SPMP Station Procedures Management Plan
SPOC Shuttle Payload of Opportunity Carrier
SPOC single point orbit calculator
SPOT Space Station Proximity Operations Trainer
SPP solar pumped plasma
SPP Science Power Platform
SPP&A Strategic Project Planning and Assessment
SPPF Site Platform Processing Facility
SPPF Spacehab Payload Processing Facility
SPR Software Problem Report
SPR Strategic Planning Review
SPS Software Product Specification
SPT solar panel technology
SPTB secondary power test bed
SQA Software Quality Assurance
SQL structural query language
SQUID Standard Quick Release Universal Interface Device
SR safety and reliability
SR service request
SR status report
SR Status Review
SR System Requirement
SR&QA Safety, Reliability, and Quality Assurance
SRAM Static Random Access Memory
SRB Software Review Board
SRB Solid Rocket Booster
SRC Specimen Research Centrifuge
SRD System Requirements Document
SRDCS Simulation Reconfiguration Data Collection Subsystem
SRM Safety, Reliability, and Maintainability
SRM Solid Rocket Motor
SRM&QA Safety, Reliability, Maintainability and Quality Assurance
SRMS Shuttle Remote Manipulator System
SRP Safety Review Panel
SRP standard repair procedure
SRR Software Requirements Review
SRR System Requirements Review
SRS software requirements specification
SRS supplemental reboost system
SRT Station Redesign Team
SRU shop replaceable unit
SS space segment
SS Space Station/Shuttle
SS sun sensor
SS System Specification
SSA S-Band Single Access
SSA Space Structure Assembly
SSA Space Suit Assembly
SSAD Structured Systems Analysis & Design
SSAF S-Band, Single Access Forward
SSAIAF Space Station Automated Integration and Assembly Facility
SSAIT Space Station Analysis and Integration Team
SSAR S-Band, Single Access Return
SSAR Stereo Synthetic Aperture Radar
SSAS segment-to-segment attach system
SSAS solid sorbent air sampler
SSAT Space Station assembly technology
SSATA Space Station airlock test article
SSB Source Selection Board
SSBRP Space Station Biological Research Project
SSC Space Station Complex
SSCB Space Station Control Board
SSCBD Space Station Control Board Directive
SSCC Space Station Control Center
SSCE Space Station core equipment
SSCM Space Station Change Memo
SSCN Space Station Change Notice
SSCP small self-contained payload
SSCR Space Station change request
SSCS Space to Space Communications System
SSCTS Space Station Communications and Tracking System
SSD Space Station Division
SSD. Sun-Synchronous Day/Night
SSDMS Space Station Data Management System
SSDS Space Station Data System
SSDS/AA Space Station Data System/Analysis Architecture
SSE software support environment
SSE Solar System Exploration
SSE Space Station element
SSE space support equipment
SSE sun sensor electronics
SSEIC Space Station Engineering Integration Contractor
SSEMU Space Station Extravehicular Mobility Unit
SSETS Space Station Element Transportation System
SSF S-Band Shuttle forward
SSFF Space Station Furnace Facility
SSG Servicing Scenario Generator
SSH S-Band Shuttle
SSHA space system hazard analysis
SSHC Space Station hand controller
SSHPF Space Station Hazardous Processing Facility
SSICB Space Station Integration Control Board
SSIF Space Station Integration Facility
SSIPC Space Station Integrated Promotion Center (NASDA)
SSIR Space Station Integration Review
SSIS Space Station Information System
SSL system specification language
SSM Spacecraft Systems Monitor
SSM Subsystem Manager
SSM Subsystem/Systems Support Module
SSM Support System Module
SSMB Space Station Manned Base
SSMDM Space Station Multiplexer/Demultiplexer
SSME Space Shuttle Main Engine
SSMES Systems Support Module Equipment Section
SSMI Special Sensor Microwave Imager
SSMTF Space Station Man-Systems Training Facility
SSMTF Space Station Mockup and Test/Training Facility
SSMVP Space Station Master Verification Plan
SSMVPR Space Station Master Verification Process Requirements
SSMVR Space Station Master Verification Requirements
SSO Source Selection Official
SSOC Space Station Operations Center
SSODB Space Station Operations Data Book
SSOL Space Station Operation Language
SSP Space Station Program
SSP Space Shuttle Program
SSPAO Space Station Safety Product Assurance Office
SSPF Space Station Processing Facility
SSPIF Software Support Production Integration Facility
SSPM Schedule Statusing and Performance Measurement
SSPM Software Standards and Procedures Manual
SSPM Space Station Pricing Model
SSPO Space Station Program Office
SSPP Space Station program participant
SSQ Space Station Quality
SSR S-Band Shuttle Return
SSR Software Specification Review
SSRB Senior Safety Review Board
SSRFAR Space Station Research Facility Assessment Review
SSRMS Space Station Remote Manipulator System
SSRPOS Space Station Rendezvous and Proximity Operations Simulator
SSS solid state switch
SSS space-to-space subsystem
SSSA Space Station Solar Array
SSSAA Space Station Solar Array Assemblies
SSSAS Space Station Systems Analysis Study
SSSC Space Station Support Center/Complex
SSSF Space Station Support Facility
SSSM System Support Service Module
SSSP Space Station Safety Program
SSSR Space To Space Station Radio
SSST Space Station Systems Trainer
SST Satellite Servicing Technology
SST Spacecraft Systems Test
SST Supersonic Transport
SSTC Space Station Training Center
SSTF Space Station Training Facility
SSTMF Space Station Training and Mockup Facility
SSTP System Supporting Test Plan
SSU Sequential Shunt Unit
SSUAS Space Station Utilization Advisory Subcommittee
SSUB Space Station Utilization Board
SSUIS Space Station User Information System
SSUWG Space Station Users Working Group
SSVTF Space Station Verification and Training Facility
ST special tooling
STA service track assembly
STA Science and Technology Agency (Japan)
STA Star Tracker assembly
STA structural test article
STAR Scientific and Technical Report
STARS Space Transportation Accounting and Resources System (KSC)
STD software test description
STD standard
STDN Space Tracking and Data Network
STE special test equipment
STel Standard Telecommunications
STF Simulation and Training Function
STI Scientific and Technical Information
STO Solar Terrestrial Observatory
STP short term plan
STP Space Test Program
STP standard temperature and pressure
STR Starboard Thermal Radiator
STRAP Station Reboost Analysis Program
STS Space Transportation System
STU science, technology, and utilization
STV Space Transfer Vehicle
SUL software usage list
SUM science utilization management
SUP supply
SURR Stage Unique Requirements Report
SURS Standard Umbilical Retractor System
SUSIM Solar Ultraviolet Spectral Irradiance Monitor
SV schedule variance
SV space vehicle
Sv Sievert (radiation dose unit of measure)
SVF Software Verification Facility
SW software
SWCB Software Control Board
SWG Safety/Science/Simulation Working Group
SWHA software hazard analysis
SWI sterile water for injection
SWQA Software Quality Assurance
T temperature
T&A test and adjust
T&C telemetry and command
T&DA tracking and data acquisition
T&E test and evaluation
T&H transportation and handling
T&V test and verification
T&VCB Test and Verification Control Board
T/L termination liability
T/M telemetry
T/R transmitter-receiver
TA task agreement
TA Teleoperator Assembler
TA test article
TA&A translation aids and attachments
TACAN Tactical Air Navigation
TAG Technology Advocacy Group
TAL transatlantic abort landing
TAM Technology Area Manager
TAT turnaround time
TAV Transatmospheric Vehicle
TAVERNS Test and Verification Environment for Remotely Networked Systems
TBD to be determined
TBR to be resolved/revised
TBS to be specified/supplied
TBT total body temperature
TBU Telemetry Buffer Unit
TC thermal Control
TCCS Trace Contaminant Control System
TCE thermal conditioning electronics
TCFT TUS copper-fiber transceiver
TCIP Technical and Configuration Integration Panel
TCMS Test Control and Monitoring System
TCP Transmission/Transport Control Protocol
TCR Technical Cost Review
TCS Technical Change Summary
TCS Thermal Control System
TCS trajectory control sensor
TCSS Thermal Conditions Support System
TD technical direction/directive
TD&D Technical Data and Documentation
TD/CD Technical Direction/Contract Direction
TDAS Test Data Analysis System
TDASS Tracking and Data Acquisition Satellite System
TDB time distribution bus
TDC transition document change
TDD Test Documentation Drawing
TDL Transparent Datalink
TDM Technology Development Mission
TDM time division multiplexed
TDR time domain reflectometer
TDR tracking data relay
TDRS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite
TDRSS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDS Test Description Sheet
TDY temporary duty
TE technical evaluation
TE test enclosure
TE thermoelectric
TE/WAX/RAD thermoelectric/wax/radiator
TEA torque equilibrium attitude
TEAMS Technology Experiments Advancing Missions in Space
TEEM Two-Phase Extended Evaluation in Microgravity
TEF thermal electric freezer
TEHOF Thermal Electric Holding Facility
TEMP temperature/temporary
TEMP thermal energy management process
TEP Team Execution Plan
TEPC Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter
TEPS Telerobotic Electrical Power Subsystem
TES test execution software
TEU thermoelectric unit
TeV tera-electron volts
TFDU thin-film disposition unit
TFU theoretical first unit
TGS Time Generation System
TGU time generation unit
THA Total Hydrocarbon Analyzer
THC temperature and humidity control
THEME Terrestrial Hardware Engineered for the Microgravity Environment
TI transition initialization
TID Traveling Ionospheric Disturbance
TIG time of ignition
TIM technical interchange meeting
TIMS Thermal Infrared Mapping Spectrometer
TIP Technical Integration Panel
TIP thrust inlet pressure
TIPS Technical Information Processing System
TL termination liability
TL thermoluminescent
TLCSC top level computer software component
TLF test logic flow
TLM telemetry
TLP transmission level point
TLV threshold limit value
TM task/technical manager
TM technical manual
TMA Technical Management Area
TMDE Test. Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TMG thermal model generator
TMIS Technical and Management Information System
TML total mass loss
TMM Thermal Math Model
TMMCH/Y total mean maintenance crew hours per year
TMS task/technical/test management system
TMS teleoperator maneuvering system
TMS test measurement system
TMS thermal maneuvering system
TN TDRSS Network
TO task order
TO technical officer
TOC Test Operation Center
TOC total organic carbon
TOL Telemetry Object List
TOMRS Test, Operations and Maintenance Requirements and Specifications
TOMS Task Order Management System
TOP Tactical Operations Plan
TOPCAT total program cost analysis tool
TOS Transfer Orbit Stage
TP teleprocessing
TPA Test Planning Analysis
TPC technical performance criteria
TPC Telemetry Preprocessing Computers
TPEP Transition Program Execution Plan
TPF Terminal Phase Final
TPI Terminal Phase Initiation
TPITS Two-Phase Integrated Thermal System
TPM Technical Performance Measurement
TPM Technical Program Measurement
TPM terminal phase midcourse
TPP top program problem
TPR Team of Primary Responsibility
TPR Terminal Phase Rendezvous
TPS Technical Planning Sheet
TPS test preparation sheet
TPS Thermal Protection System
TQI Total Quality Involvement
TQM Total Quality Management
TR test report
TRASYS Thermal Radiation Analyzer System
TRB test review board
TRC transmitter-receiver-controller
TRD test requirements document
TREP Tropical Rainfall Experiment Package
TRIC Transition Radiation and Ionization Calorimeter
TRMM Thermal Radiation Math Model
TRR Technical Requirements Review
TRR Test Readiness Review
TRR Thermal Radiator Rotation
TRRB Test Readiness Review Board
TRRJ thermal radiator rotary joint
TSA test start approval
TSC thermal shape control
TSC tradeoff study control
TSCV test setup, configuration, and verification
TSO Time-Sharing Option
TSP Twisted Shielded Pair
TSR Technical Status/Support Review
TSS Tethered Satellite System
TSS tradeoff study suggestion
TsUP Russian Mission Control Center in Kaliningrad
TT&C Telemetry, Tracking and Communications
TTA technical task agreement
TTB thermal test bed
TTC Telemetry Traffic Control
TTCP Technology Transfer Control Plan
TTI Tech Trans International
TTL transistor-to-transistor logic
TTN Threshold Task Number
TTRT target token rotation time
TTS temporary threshold shift (hearing)
TTS2 temporary threshold shift measured 2 minutes after exposure
TTY teletype
TURF transport utilization requirements faction
TUS trailing umbilical system
TV television
TVCIC television camera interface controller
TVS thermal vacuum stability
TVT thermal vacuum testing
U&O utilization and operations
U/S user/station
UBA unpressurized berthing adapter
UBIC Universal Bus Interface Controller
UBM unpressurized berthing mast/mechanism
UCD urine collection device
UCP Utilization Control Panel
UCTR UHF communication transmitter-receiver
UDFR user defined functional requirements
UDM Universal Docking Module
UDM unpressurized docking mast
UDMH unsymmetrical dimethyldrazine
UDS utility distribution system
UE user equipment
UF utility/utilization flight
UHF ultrahigh frequency
UI user integration/interface
UIC User Identification Code
UIDB user interface data base
UIE User Interface Environment
UIL User/Utility Interface Language
UIS User Interface System
ULBC universal local bus controller
ULC unpressurized logistics carrier
ULCAS unpressurized logistics carrier attach system
ULE unpressulized logistics element
ULT ultimate (loads)
UMA umbilical mechanism assembly
UMDB User Mission Data Base
UNSR Unclassified National Security Related
UOC Usable On Codes
UOF User Operations Facility
UOF utilization outfitting
UOIF User Operations Interface Function
UOP utility outlet port
UOP Utilization Operations Panel
UOS User Operations Support
UOTAT Utilization, Operations, and Training Assessment Team
UPDM unpressuIized docking mast
UPN Unique Project Number
UPR Unit Performance Record
UPS uninterrupted power supply
URD User Requirements Document
URE user range error
URL Uniform Resource Locator
U.S. United States
US upper stage
US user segment
USA United States of America
USAF United States Air Force
USE User Support Environment
USENET User Network
USGS United States Ground Segment
USGS U.S. Geological Survey
USL U.S. Laboratory
USOC U.S. Science Operations Center
USOS U.S. on-orbit segment
USS user services support
UT universal time
UTA utility transfer assembly
UTC Universal Time Coordinated
UTDF Universal Tracking Data Format
UTF Utilization Training Facility
UTS ultimate tensile strength
UVR ultraviolet radiation
UWTF Underwater Test Facility
V volts
V&V verification and validation
V-BAR Orbit Velocity-Vector
VA vehicle analysis
VAB Vehicle Assembly Building
VAC volts (Alternating Current)
VAC Variance at Completion
VAFB Vandenberg Air Force Base
VAIT Vehicle Analysis and Integration Team
VAMS Vibroacoustic Monitoring System
VAPEPS vibroacoustic payload environment prediction system
VAS Validation System
VAT Value Added Tax
VATA Vertical Assembly and Test Area
VATF Vertical Assembly Test Facility
VAX Virtual Address Extension
VBSP video baseband signal processor
VC virtual channel
VC voice circuit
VCA virtual channel access
VCB Vehicle Control Board
VCD vapor-compression distillation
VCDU Virtual Channel Data Unit
VCG vapor crystal growth
VCM volatile condensable material
VCN Verification Completion Notice
VCR Video Cassette Recorder
VCRC Voice Circuit Reconfiguration Confirmation
VCRR Voice Circuit Reconfiguration Request
VCS Video Compression System
VDB Verification Data Base
VDC volts (direct current)
VDPU Video and Data Processing Unit
VDS Vehicle Dynamics Simulator
VDS video distribution subsystem
VDT Visual Display Terminal
VER Variance Exception Report
VER verification
VES Vehicle Effectiveness and Safety
VF verification fixture
Vg vacuum gage
VHF very high frequency
VHOL Very High Order Language
VHS Video Home System
VHSIC Very-High-Speed Integrated Circuit
VI vehicle integration
Vi internal velocity
VIC Vehicle Identification Code
VIC video interface controller
VIP Verification Integration Plan
VIPT Vehicle Integrated Product Team
VIR Verification Implementation Requirement
VIR Visible Infrared Radar
VIS verification information system
VIS vibration isolation system
VIS/UV visual/ultraviolet
VITS Video Teleconferencing System
VLA verification loads analysis
VLBI Very Long Baseline Interferometry
VLF very low frequency
VLN Verification Logic Network
VLSI Very Large-Scale Integration
VLSIC Very Large-Scale Integrated Circuit
VLSID Very Large-Scale Integrated Device
VLV valve
VM virtual memory
VMDB Vehicle Master Database
VMS Velocity Measuring System
VMS Virtual Memory System
VOA volatile organic analyzer
VOC volatile organic concentrator
VOIR Venus Orbiting Imaging Radar
VPF Vertical Processing Facility
VPPA variable polarity plasma arc
VRA volatile removal assembly
VRCS Vector/Vernier Reaction Control System
Vrms volts root-mean-square
VRTS Verification Requirements Tracking System
VS Vacuum System
VS virtual storage
VS&A vibrations, shock, and acoustics
VSW video switch
VT vehicle tests
VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method
VTAR Verification Test/Analysis Reports
VTB verification test bed
VTC Vital Telemetry Telecommand Computer
VTR video tape recorder
VTS verification tracking system
VTS Voice Teleconferencing System
VUV vacuum ultraviolet
VV visiting vehicle
VVIG Visiting Vehicle Integration Group
W watt
w/o without
WAD Work Authorization Document
WAN Wide Area Network
WB wideband
WBGT wet bulb globe temperature
WBS Work Breakdown Structure
WCS Waste Control System
W/D Wet/Dry Index
WETF Weightless Environment Training Facility
WF wide field
WFI water for injection
WFPC Wide Field Planetary Camera
WG working group
WGA waste gas assembly
WI wave injector
WICAT World Interactive Computer-Assisted Training
WIRRS Waste Ice Release and Removal System
WISP Waves in Space Plasma
WL west longitude
WM Waste Management
WM Window Manager
WMC Waste Management Compartment
WO work order
WORM write once read many/memory
WPE weight, power, EVA
WR weather radar
WRM water recovery management
WS Windsat
WS workstation
WSTF White Sands Test Facility
wt weight
WTR Western Test Range
X perpendicular to orbit plane
XA extended architecture
XCVR transceiver
Xe Xenon
XFER transfer
XGP Experimental Geosynchronous Platform
XPDR transponder
XPOP X axis pointing out of plane
XRS X-Ray Spectrometer
XTE X-Ray Timing Explorer
ZAR Zero-g Antenna Range
ZOE zone of exclusion
ZPS zero-prebreathe spacesuit

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