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Image: Susan Helms wears her new ARRL pin while talking on the ham radio.
Who received a pin from the American Radio Relay League during STS-104?

NASA Insignia

During STS-104, the American Radio Relay League, or ARRL, sent a pin to Expedition Two Flight Engineer Susan Helms in recognition of her participation in the ARRL's 2001 Field Day. She used the ham radio aboard the International Space Station to talk with amateur radio operators around the world. The ARRL gave the pin to STS-104 Mission Specialist Jim Reilly, who packed it with his personal effects and delivered it to Helms after the shuttle docked with the station.

Along with the pin came a note of thanks from the ARRL that was read to Helms by a member of the STS-104 crew:

"On behalf of the ISS Ham Team, we present you with this ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Field Day 2001 pin. Thank you very much for participating in Field Day from the solar powered space station amateur radio station in the FGB. Your pioneering efforts as a Field Day contester set a high standard for future crews who will participate in this annual June event. The ISS ham station is a vital emergency communication link, just like the hundreds of thousands of amateur radio stations on Earth. Through Field Day, you have demonstrated these capabilities to hams around the world.

"73 from all the hams on Earth."

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