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In Memory

STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

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Kathleen Peters
Lewisville, Texas
My heartfelt condolences to all of you. They are all heroes in my eyes. God bless you all.
Geneva, Switzerland
We are proud of you. You will live in our hearts forever.
Alberto Sagredo
Madrid, Spain
When I saw the terrible accident on TV, all I thought of was the people inside, their families and sons. I give to the families lot of love, compassion and prayers. Thanks, NASA for your work, and continue innovating and discovering lot of things for the entire world.

April Hughes
Lawrence, Kan.
An image of the shuttle flies across my mind and in my eyes. The tears well up and fall down slow, but we must remember, though. The Creator loved them, so much so He kept them in the skies. Only joy accompanies your loved ones. They are at rest within his palm of His hand. I wrote this not only to soothe my heart but the hearts of those so profoundly broken by this tragedy. My sadness and condolences go out to all the family members of the crew of STS-107, and may all the nation's prayers be with you, for mine certainly are.

Michael Goldfeder
Floral Park, N.Y.
Your loved ones have not been taken in vain. The world sees now more than ever how unity and brotherhood transcend race, color and creed to unite humankind. We are sorry for your loss.

Bernie Weiss
Fresh Meadow, N.Y.
My heart goes out to the heroes who gave their lives so we can live better lives. I will miss all.

Nancy Bader
Great Neck, N.Y.
Our thoughts are with you.

Alice Bloom
Mamaroneck, N.Y.
I extend my deepest sympathies to you at this time of terrible sorrow. I hope it helps just a little to know how much I care.

Dr. & Mrs. Leonard Weiner
West Newton, Mass.
Our thoughts and feelings are with you.

Ada Ruth Jacobowitz
Phoenix, Ariz.
We are terribly sorry that these seven died trying to advance knowledge. May their families find comfort in their memories and from the Almighty.

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