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In Memory

STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

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Page 154

Sandy Smith
Deer Park, Texas
God Bless these people who gave their lives for those whom they left behind.

Michael Dobbs
Austin, Texas
This event was a terrible one for all of us. I grew up in the former Air Force town in which Lt. Col. Anderson served, Plattsburgh, NY, and went every other year to Florida near the Cape Canaveral Kennedy Space Center, and always loved watching the rockets take off from the Cape. Your loved ones did what they did because they loved it. They loved the feeling of adventure, like Christopher Columbus, Roald Amundsen, Marco Polo, Abel Tasman, Neil Armstrong and many others. The world needs more people like your family members who are willing to explore the unknown even with all the risks. I want to thank you for producing such great citizens of the world. We will always remember your family members as people who knew all the risks but still took them and loved doing it.

Casey Weems
Senoia, Ga.
God is with you. I feel so sorry for you. I just can't imagine how you're feeling or what condition you're in right now.

Lisa Lambert
Atlanta, Ga.
I am so sorry for your loss. They were truly heroes in the eyes of their countrymen. May God bless you and keep you in this time of sorrow.

Cosmin Belea
Medias, Romania
Words are not enough...

Richard Robinson & Family
Eatontown, N.J.
To the Families of our 7 Finest: I am deeply saddened by the loss of your loved ones. Like the many explorers of our history, these brave men and women will not be forgotten and their contribution to all mankind has helped forge a better future for us all. Lastly, I am certain that they are in the hands of our loving Creator. May He Bless You in your time of grief.

Zoe Stevens
Frimley, Surrey, England
May I pass on my sincere condolences to one and all who may be hurting at this particular time. They were a very courageous crew STS-107 who knew the consequences but still achieved much more than anyone can ever imagine. They are role models for our future generations to strive to become. If it was not for these amazing seven people we would not know what exists beyond our own planet. May God bless them and you all, and wish them an eternity of dreams and loving memories. God Bless.

Don Price
Norman, Okla.
Our world will never grow dark, for we have 7 points of light shining upon us. God bless.

Andrew Lunn
Belfast, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland
Sorry for the whole world's loss. The crew were people that we could all look up to. Continue with the space programme or it would all be for nothing. May they rest in peace.

April Tappana
Biloxi. Miss.
To the families of the astronauts: my thoughts are with you in this time of tragedy. They are truly heroes in my eyes. God bless you all.

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