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In Memory

STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

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Page 155

Kharagpur, West Bengal, India
You are the real heores. I know god loves you more than us. That is why he called you near him so soon. But I also know and feel the work you did for mankind. Thanks for all you did for us.WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.

Karen Martin
Richmond, Va.
I was in college with Capt. Brown, but did not know him. I sincerely wish I had met him - what an extraordinary person, just as all the lost astronauts were. We shall miss them and hold in our hearts our greatest gratitude for their sacrifice.

Donna Drilling
Seguin, Texas
Deepest, most sincere sympathy. They make us all want to reach for the stars. They make me proud to be an American. God Bless.

Oscar Lizandro Sierra
En el ao de 1981, estube incluido en el Programa Transbordador espacial, precisamente con el segundo viaje del Columbia hoy para mi es muy doloroso la perdida de las personas que lo tripulaban. Lo siento mucho.

Jessica Rhodes
Gainesville, Ga.
My GOD bring comfort to your hearts at this time of sorrow. You are in our prayers.

Andreas Titz
Eppelborn, Saarland, Germany
Millionen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt Gedenken der 7 Astronauten. Auch ich tue das. Sie waren Pioniere auf dem Weg der Menschheit in die grenzenlosen Weiten des Universums! Ihr Tot war nicht umsonst,sie alle sind Helden. Ich bete fr sie und ihre Familien.In stiller Trauer.

Malcolm Renville
Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
To all, condolence is but a word, but to all those words is a future, and the CREW of COLUMBIA were the BEST, of the others, i.e. CHALLENGER, may they all, live long and prosper. Sorry but I'm sure that is what they were doing, to forward many things to us on the ground. To all involved, as you know I can't find words to express my, and others' greatest respect.

Emmillee Davis
West Monroe, La.
My prayers are with you and the crew's families too.

Maria Marmol
Tampa, Fla.
It's so difficult to put into words what the loss of the Columbia crew has meant to lots of us. Almost as difficult as it is to conceive that these joyful, intelligent, courageous austronauts are no longer with us. It is most appropriate, however, that they have already accomplished their ultimate dream to explore space. My heart is with the crew of the Columbia shuttle, as theirs are with God.

Nancy Drake
Amherst, Mass.
My heart goes out to all the families. My heart is breaking for not only the parents but especially the children. President Bush couldn't have said it better when he said. "Your mom or dad were so proud of you. Now you can be proud of them." God bless them all.

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