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In Memory

STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

Page 156

Eva Freeman
Trenton, Ga.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families of the crew. Your children just didn't have the time it seems that they should have had with them. I am sure it is so hard on them anticipating their return and then there was nothing. I feel so bad for you all, and can't believe how strong you all are. May God Bless You.

Deana O'Rear
Arlington, Texas
I am praying that you will find some measure of comfort in your time of grief. Your family members and friends made the ultimate sacrifice doing what they love.

Kerry Stenson
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Dear NASA and America, here in Canada we have followed your brave advance into space from Mercury through July 20th, 1969 and the moon landing and will on through tomorrow. I am saddened by the loss of the seven Columbia astronauts and my heart goes out to the families and your nation as a whole. Being a child in the 50's and 60's your space intentions were seen by me as a bold advance into a "brave new world" of exploration and hope for mankind. I hope that this loss to the space program in no way diminishes your collective thirst for knowledge and understanding of the universe around us. God's Speed America.

Martin Osipov
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
To the Columbia 7 - we shall never forget you. You dared to go where most of us only dream of. You are forever in our prayers and hearts.

Alan & Jacky Cockram
Oswestry, Shropshire, Great Britain
Heartfelt sympathy for all the families, and to those brave astronauts who must not die in vain. Please keep the space program going, for all our sakes. God Bless you all.

Victor Shishkin
Moscow, Russia
I would like to express my sincere condolences to the relatives, friends of these 7 heroes and to all American people. It was a horrible tragedy. Everyone will remember these crewmembers forever for their feat. They gave their lives in order to make our future closer and more beautiful. Let's always remember them. Their activities will be commemorated in the history of our planet forever. Let God keep their souls.

Karlynn Baker Scharlau
Tucson, Airz.
I once watched a launch many years ago. It was a most wonderful experience. I believe in the space program. I pray for the crew and their families. As President Bush said, the crew is home and safe and I thank them for their efforts to make this world a better and safer place.

Stephen Mathew Cowen
Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England
May the souls of the 7 brave adventurers of the crew of Columbia now rest peacefully in the heavens, among the stars and may the work they undertook, continue for the benefit of all mankind.

Dieter Obkircher
Berlin, Germany
My greatest respect to these women and men, who gave their lives for space-exploration.

Paul M. Reid
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
As a member of STARFLEET, we in Region 10 feel the tragic loss of the Shuttle Columbia. We Grieve with thee.

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