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STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

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Sara Wasson
Cambridge, England
I am so immensely sorry for your losses. God bless all of you and hold you close in this time of grief. has run a detailed online article about the profound faiths of all the brave crew members. Every single one of them sounds like the kind of person who made the world a better place just by being in it. I am so very sorry for your tragic loss.

Donald Harris
Nashville, Tenn.
My heart is hurting for you guys. The tears that I have shed is only a bit of the sadness I experience daily for everyone. Godspeed Columbia!

Karen Kleinschmidt
Marietta, Ga.
You are in my prayers. Your loved ones will never be forgotten.

Charles Mizrahi
Dallas, Texas
God bless your loved ones. They served their country with great devotion. Please accept my deepest condolences.

John T. Cusatis
Wernersville, Penn.
We here the staff at Launch 2 Space express our profound sorrow and salute the astronauts of STS-107 and their families in their loss.

Riva and Cyril Morris
Ra'anana, Israel
Here in Israel, we share America's grief at the tragic loss of seven wonderful people, each of whom embodied the ideals of dedication and courage, and was a person who dared to push himself or herself to the limits of human capability. They showed us all how people of different races and religion can work together for the good of mankind. We pray that their families will be comforted by knowing that they were doing what they passionately wanted to do. God bless and comfort them all.

Shirley and Larry Grossman
Spokane, Wash.
Our heart goes out to all of you who are bearing this terrible loss today - which we share with you. They have truly reached the heavens.

Lynn Harris Treinish
Kansas City, Mo.
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your loved ones. They acted on their dreams and that says so much about them as individuals. They are modern day heroes to all of us.

Carlow, Leinster, Ireland
My deepest sympathy goes to all the families of the Astronauts. I feel for you all and hope you have the strength to get through this. Hang in there, you'll be ok.

Philip R. Obach
New Port Richey, Fla.
Stand Tall, I say, stand tall and be proud. You, more than anyone, know that your loved ones would want you to live on with peace, pride and honor. Through you, they will live on and continue to accomplish the things that they set out to do. Embody what they embodied; truth, perseverence, honesty, love, risk, and sacrifice. Make it so. They are standing tall and smiling with you.

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