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In Memory

STS-107: Columbia and Crew

Condolence Book

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Bay City, Texas
My thoughts are with you, and my condolences over your loss.

Evelyn D'Angelo
Hollywood, Fla.
May their memories be for a blessing. B'Shalom.

Didi Gilbert
Emerald Hills, Calif.
May the memories of all the Columbia 7 be a blessing and an inspiration to you, their families and friends, and to all the world as we endeavor to find a lasting peace, to secure the future for the generations yet to come. They will be remembered forever!

Troy Schmanke
Fort Worth, Texas
A Nation of spectacular success must often deal with spectacular failure.

Harvey M. Haber, Q.C., LSM
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
All Canadians join your grief in the loss of the astronauts on the Space Shuttle Columbia.

Rabbi Richard Polirer
Parkland, Fla.
Our hearts go out to you in this time of terrible tragedy. May God comfort you together with all who mourn. May the Ultimate Healer bring a grieving family and nation together at this time and for all time. Amen.

William Howson
North Lanarkshire, Scotland
Very Brave people, living their dream, my thoughts are with you. God bless.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
My family and I send our most heartfelt condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones. Remember all the good things these men and women accomplished and hold them in your hearts never to be forgotten.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
You will stay deep of my heart forever!

The King Family
Seaside, Calif.
To all the families of the Columbia crew. Our family's sympathy is with you during the time of grief. Please remember that we consider your family members to be true heroes.

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