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Ask the Crew: STS-97

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Question #1Marc Garneau's Reply

From: Kathy Taylor, age 25
Mission Specialist Marc Garneau

Question: Can an astronaut wear contacts in space? Would an individual qualify to be an astronaut without 20/20 vision?

Garneau: The answer is yes, you can wear contacts in space. Some astronauts do wear them. And to become an astronaut - if you're going to become a pilot astronaut - you have to have better than 20 over 70 vision distance, and it has to be correctable to 20/20. If you want to become a mission specialist - the other kind of astronaut - your vision requirements are 20 over 200, once again correctable to 20/20. So you don't have to have perfect vision to become an astronaut.

Image: STS-97 Astronaut Marc Garneau.
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