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ISS Crew Answers: Expedition Six

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Ken Bowersox's Answers 
Image: Expedition Six Commander Ken Bowersox
*Expedition Six Commander Ken Bowersox answered these questions via e-mail.

No. 1
From: Dan, Philadelphia, Pa., Age: 13

Question: Why is the ISS orbital inclination 51.6 degrees and not something more or less?

Bowersox: It's a compromise between several factors, including locations of our launch sites and the amount of cargo which can be sent into orbit. 51.6 allows us to see a lot of the world, and launch the most cargo from our launch site in Kazakhstan.

No. 2
From: Jerry R. Stoces, Anaheim, Calif., Age: 36

Question: This one is for Ken Bowersox. Please reflect on your initial thoughts, on the differences between commanding a shuttle flight and an ISS tour of duty.

Bowersox: The biggest difference I see is that on a long flight to ISS you can be more flexible in your approach to problems. On station, If something doesn't work on the first try, there is often time to try again.

No. 3
From: Russell Crow, Flower Mount, Texas, Age: 43

Question: Many people set out a treat for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve (usually cookies and milk). Since you are in zero-g, what will you leave out for St. Nick, and in what form will it be contained?

Bowersox: We left Santa a package of space cookies and a pack of orange drink, wrapped in metal foil and plastic. Everything was velcroed to the wall over the ventilation ducts.

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