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ISS Crew Answers: Expedition Six

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Image: Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit
*Expedition Six NASA ISS Science Officer Don Pettit answered these questions via e-mail.

No. 51
From: Vivian Milfeld, Fort Worth, Texas, Age: 11

Question: I watched the video of you eating your peanut butter and honey snack. I am wondering if swallowing your food is more challenging when you are in space. Here on Earth we have gravity to help the food go down. You don't. Is it harder to swallow?

Pettit: It is not hard to swallow in zero-gravity, and you do not notice any difference between here and Earth.

No. 52
From: Willie Taljaard, Secunda South Africa, Age: 37

Question: Do you have trouble keeping your spectacles on your face, and do they tend to take off when you turn you head fast? Will contact lenses work up there?

Pettit: Glasses hang on your face just fine in space. I do not know about contact lenses myself but I have heard they work fine.

No. 53
From: K. Buksh, Blackpool, England, Age: 77

Question: How does Don Pettit calibrate radiation detectors to check if the results are OK?

Pettit: All the calibrations are done on the ground before launch and the detectors are periodically returned for a calibration check.

No. 54
From: Alan Fraser, Portland, Ore. , Age: 32

Question: Reading about Don Pettit's water experiment in water surface tension made me wonder what occurs when you solder things? How does the solder react to being in a near zero-g environment?

Pettit: We are in the process of finding out with a series of soldering experiments. Stay tuned.

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