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From: Javit Erginsoy, of Elgin, U.K.
To: Wayne Hale, flight director

Question: In one of the latest images of STS-113 -- -- I have noticed another watch-looking object worn next to the watch by Paul Lockhart. It is black with a yellow dot on it and it reads "pilot" on it. What is it used for?

Answer: That's a sharp eye! The watch-like device is called an "Actiwatch" or alternately "Actilight watch". This device is used to measure the wearer's amount of physical activity and exposure to light, and supports DSO (detailed science objective) 634, Sleep-Wake Actigraphy & Light Exposure During Spaceflight. The commander, pilot, MS1 and MS2 are all participating. The crew put on the 'watches' after attaining orbit, and will wear them continuously during the mission.

Kevin McCluney, Planning team MMACS (Mechanical, Maintenance, Arm, and Crew Systems officer).

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