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MCC Answers: STS-96

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1. Stan Berkovich, of Evanston IL asks the question:
(Perhaps this is the wrong forum to ask this question, but...) Are there any plans to test/develop an earth-to-orbit tether any time in the near future? I've heard that the materials that can make this sort of experiment possible are finally available in large quantities. Maybe the elusive orbital tower is many years away, but why not start with a very thin tether dropped from low orbit into the upper atmosphere, say 10 miles below? Would it not be possible, then, to start at geosynchronous orbit, and drop a much longer tether (after a series of progressively longer test-drops) in both directions, resulting in a 40,000 mile-long moderately-loose thread, along which small test payloads could climb? Moreover, wouldn't it also be possible to assist in positioning the atmospheric section of such a tether with high-altitude aircraft flying within limited circular patterns? Are there no experiments in this area currently planned? ANSWER
2. Robert Quick, of Gloucester MA asks the question:
How big will the International Space Station be compared to the MIR space station? ANSWER
3. Tara asks the question:
How much fuel does the average space shuttle use to get into space? ANSWER
4. Brandon Bennetzen, of Grand Island Nebraska asks the question:
How does TDRS compare to ground stations around the world. ANSWER
5. Larry Mandelin, of Milwaukee WI asks the question:
I will be in northern Wisconsin in a remote area for Memorial Day Weekend. Will I be able to see the ISS and the Shuttle? Here is the LAT & LONG: Lat: 45'35" N, Long: 89'00" W. Please email me back. Thanks! Larry Mandelin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin? ANSWER
6. Mike Vinet, of Sainte Adèle Québec asks the question:
1-Is it possible to see the space lab from earth? 2- If the answer is yes to question 1, could I get information on the flight path of the space lab. Thanking you in advance. Mike Vinet ANSWER
7. David Larson, of Milwaukee Wisc. asks the question:
Will I be able to see the shuttle and space station pass over Milwaukee during the curent mission? ANSWER
8. Joe asks the question:
If you guys have a drawing of were every thing is located on the space shuttle can you send it to me because I need a layout of the space shuttle for the project for school. P.S. can you try to answer me today. ANSWER
9. James G. Perkin, RRT, of Halifax Nova Scotia asks the question:
I was logged on to the NASA Realtime site watching the ISS orbit. The data panal athe the bottom of the screen related to temperature shows 77.3F and 42.9C. These temps don't match in concersion. 77.4F is 25.1C not 42.9C. Can you please explain if this is correct as I must be misunderstanding. Thanx. Please forward this to the proper place if it's not your section. ANSWER
10. Toby Guiles, of Elbridge NY asks the question:
I visited KSC in March of this year and saw some modules being assembled for the International Space Station. Were any of these modules aboard STS-96? ANSWER
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