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From: James G. Perkin, RRT, of Halifax Nova Scotia
To: Mark Kirasich, flight director for the orbit 2 team

Question: I was logged on to the NASA Realtime site watching the ISS orbit. The data panal athe the bottom of the screen related to temperature shows 77.3F and 42.9C. These temps don't match in concersion. 77.4F is 25.1C not 42.9C. Can you please explain if this is correct as I must be misunderstanding. Thanx. Please forward this to the proper place if it's not your section.

Answer: James,

I have not been to the Realtime website and do not know which temperatures they have displayed. However, at the time your question was submitted, Flight Controllers were in the process of warming the ISS modules to levels which would prevent condensation during ingress activites. At a GMT of 148/00:45, the average temperature of the US portion of ISS (Node 1 and PMA 1) was approximately 7 deg C (~45 deg F). It took approximately three days to warm the elements from close to 0 deg C (32 deg F) to 21 deg C (~70 F).

Thermal Operations and Resources Officer - Stephen Miller (Orbit 2)

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