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From: Hubert J.M. Roborgh, of Vlissingen, The Netherlands Zeeland
To: Bill Reeves, flight director for the planning team

Question: Dear Sirs, Ladies. I am an avid follower of both Mir ISS, and Shuttle activities, but now there seems to be a mixup of timezones. Actual launch time of STS-96 was 12.51 Dutch Summer Time on saturday, as seen on Live CNN broadcast.This is 10.51 UTC. As I checked URL at 10.44 Dutch Summer Time it stated time to launch 3 hrs, 7 mins. So, 10.44 plus 3.07 makes 13.51. This gives a time difference of one hour!!! Where did I go wrong??? Many Greetings from Hubert J.M. Roborgh

Answer: Not being able to check the time that you're referring to I can't be sure, but I have a pretty good guess. The countdown clock that you were watching probably accounted for several built in holds that take place in the countdown. There are two clocks that are used during the countdown, a "T-" (T minus) clock which includes the holds and an "L-" (L minus) clock that is counting down to the planned liftoff time. The "T" clock is probably the one you saw. You can find an excellent overview of the launch countdown and these built in holds on the KSC web at:

Dean Lenort, Orbit 1 Propulsion Officer

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