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From: Jean Lachapelle, of Montreal Quebec
To: Bill Reeves, flight director for the planning team

Question: I'm following very closely some of the operation of the mission on internet. Is it possible for the crew to communicate, via internet to other users on earth, by e-mail for example? If it is possible, I would be glad receiving a little hello from Julie Payette, or any other member of the crew ;) Thanks ;)

Answer: Jean,
The crew does have e-mail while on orbit. They use their PCs to save messages that are downlinked later. The Flight Activity Officer (FAO) will log onto the PCs on board and download the messages the crew have saved. FAO will uplink messages to the crew as well. You can put in your question to the crew on the NASA web site for space flight. Give it a shot and see what happens.

Steve Sides - Planning INCO

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