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From: Bernardo A. Mainou, of Tempe Arizona
To: Paul Dye, flight director for the orbit 2 team

Question: In the mission timeline the terminology "Simo Dump" appears frequently, what is it?

Answer: The Fuel Cells used to power the Shuttle produce electricity and water. This water is collected in 4 supply water tanks. As there is limited space for water, the quantity needs to be reduced almost every day. One of the ways to get rid of the extra water is to dump it overboard. This is referred to as a Supply Water Dump.

The Shuttle waste water system is the combination of the waste water collected from the Waste Collection System and the humidity removed from the air. This waste water is collected in 1 waste water tank. This tank also needs to be dumped every few days. This is referred to as a Waste Water Dump.

Dumping Supply and Waste Water at the same time is referred to as a Simo Dump.

EECOM/Katie Rogers

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