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From: Andrew McLellan, of Edmonton Alberta
To: Wayne Hale, lead flight director

Question: Where can I find what the abreviations mean in the timeline of the shuttle? More specifically what does VRA stand for?

Answer: Andrew,

You have several options for determining the meaning of the abbreviations in the timeline. First, you can check under the "Cargo" heading for this flight:

The abbreviations for several of the payloads are listed here. Your second option is the "Reference" section:

On this website, you can access the "NASA Acronym List". Finally, you can search the Spaceflight website using the SEARCH THE SITE option on the main page ( There are several entries for VRA, which stands for Volatile Removal Assembly (VRA), because it was also flown on two MIR missions. The Volatile Removal Assembly is a water treatment system to be used for the recovery of water from the wastewater aboard the U.S. portion of the International Space Station.

Thanks for the questions,

Karen Watts
Orbit 2
Attitude and Pointing Officer

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