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From: Graham , of Oxford
To: Wayne Hale, lead flight director

Question: Having just viewed the space station videos and still, there seem to be a lot of trailing wires thoughout. Why is this? Isn't it hazardous to the astronauts?

Answer: Graham,
Those wires that you noticed in the station are for communications. The crew carries a couple of hand held speaker/microphone boxes so that they can communicate with the Mission Control Center and the other crew in the shuttle. During later flights the crew will be adding the capability for station crew to talk to shuttle crew without carrying on the speaker/mic units. Other cables are used to send TV images to the shuttle communications equipment for transmission to the ground. It looks like a lot of cables all over the place but the crew has a very good handle on it. The crew has no problems with those cables that you saw.

Steve Sides - Planning INCO

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