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From: Jeff, of Mankato MN
To: Mark Kirasich, flight director for the orbit 2 team

Question: What type of energy sources will be employed on the ISS? And what type of reusable, recyclable, energy sources if any, have been used as fuel source, energy source? Finally, since this is an ISS project will the other joint countries be suppling their own energy, sources, or using NASA?

Answer: The ISS will use two sources of energy. Solar arrays will be used to collect solar energy when the ISS is in the sun and batteries will be used to supply power when the station is on the dark side of the Earth. Both of these energy sources are reusable. The international partners, with the exception of Russia, will receive power from the United States system. The Russian modules Zarya and the Service Module will have their own independent power system but can supply or receive power from the United States modules.

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