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MCC Answers: STS-96

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11. Colby Navarro, of Houston Texas asks the question:
When is the Service Module slated to be placed in orbit? ANSWER
12. Julie Robinson, of Charlotte North Carolina asks the question:
What types of degrees do people in MCC have? Can you recommend any good schools for those degrees in my area? I was thinking about NC State, Georgia Tech, or Embry-Riddle. Thanks? ANSWER
13. Marc Konrad, of Stuttgart BadenWürtemberg asks the question:
I heard about a possibility to put my name with a list of thousands of others on a CD-ROM that will be taken on Mars with the next Mars misson of NASA. Is this right? Where can I leave my name to get also a member on this CD-ROM? Can you please help me with that? Regards, Marc? ANSWER
14. Brad asks the question:
For space propulsion, would putting a cathode ray tube on a space ship as means for propulsion work? Why? or Why not. ANSWER
15. Bobby Larkin, of Redding CA asks the question:
How fast does the space shuttle travel in orbit? ANSWER
16. Talbert Black, of Pelion SC asks the question:
Where can I find the 2-line orbital data for the shuttle. I would like to be able to track it on my home PC but I cannot find the orbital data on any of the shuttle information web sites? ANSWER
17. John L. Harvey, of Lisbon asks the question:
Where can I go to get a current picture of the Space Station as it is right now? ANSWER
18. Jenny Spravsow, of Sterling Heights MI asks the question:
In the split screen animated views of the Discovery, it appears that the shuttle is moving backwards with respect to earth. Is it really traveling backwards "nose last" or is the earth merely going faster, creating the optical illusion? Thanks Jenny PS, I watch NASA TV as often as possible when there is a mission. Its excellent education? ANSWER
19. Hubert J.M. Roborgh, of Vlissingen, The Netherlands Zeeland asks the question:
Dear Sirs, Ladies. I am an avid follower of both Mir ISS, and Shuttle activities, but now there seems to be a mixup of timezones. Actual launch time of STS-96 was 12.51 Dutch Summer Time on saturday, as seen on Live CNN broadcast.This is 10.51 UTC. As I checked URL at 10.44 Dutch Summer Time it stated time to launch 3 hrs, 7 mins. So, 10.44 plus 3.07 makes 13.51. This gives a time difference of one hour!!! Where did I go wrong??? Many Greetings from Hubert J.M. Roborgh. ANSWER
20. Ken, of Canandaigua NY asks the question:
How do I determine EXACTLY where in the sky the shuttle would be so I can view it as it passes. I just missed it. :-( ANSWER
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