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MCC Answers: STS-96

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21. Jean Lachapelle, of Montreal Quebec asks the question:
I'm following very closely some of the operation of the mission on internet. Is it possible for the crew to communicate, via internet to other users on earth, by e-mail for example? If it is possible, I would be glad receiving a little hello from Julie Payette, or any other member of the crew ;) Thanks ;) ANSWER
22. Arne Haaland, of Oslo asks the question:
Hello, When you are communicating with the shuttle I guess you use a disc antenna. My question is as follows: When the shuttle move is the antennas on the ground following the shuttle, or is the antenna on the shuttle moving to 'hit' the antenna on the ground? ANSWER
23. David, of Florida asks the question:
What does it take to be a scientist, computer scientist or computer technician at NASA? ANSWER
24. Roberto Solans, of Buenos Aires asks the question:
Why is the southern South America a blackout zone for TV signals from Shuttle. ANSWER
25. Andy Hardy, of Nottingham asks the question:
Why does the shuttle have to role after launch and not start in that position in the first place? ANSWER
26. Heather Hitch, of Woodbridge Suffolk asks the question:
While conducting a shuttle mission, does the Crew at anytime get the chance to speak to their families? ANSWER
27. Peter Cop, of Toronto Ontario asks the question:
Does the current orbit of the space shuttle Discovery make it visible to the naked eye in the evening sky from the Toronto, Canada area? ANSWER
28. David Knowles, of Winter Haven Florida asks the question:
Considering that the crew will be exposed to heavy radiation during a solar flare, what will happen to the crew of the International Space Station during a solar flare? Also, how has the crew of Mir dealt with solar flares? ANSWER
29. Scott Ligler - KB9SZM, of Henning IL asks the question:
Is there still a plan to have Hamm radio gear aboard future STS flights and on the International Space Station? If so, is there a timeline available? ANSWER
30. Emma Schidgal, of St. Paul Minnesota asks the question:
While looking at the answers posted on ask the MCC, I have noticed that many of them have a position in mission control, followed by the words "orbit 2." What does "orbit 2" mean? ANSWER
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