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MCC Answers: STS-96

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31. Bernardo A. Mainou, of Tempe Arizona asks the question:
What is the speed range for the shuttle during re-entry? Also, how does the shuttle slow down if it has nothing to push against? ANSWER
32. Bernardo A. Mainou, of Tempe Arizona asks the question:
In the mission timeline the terminology "Simo Dump" appears frequently, what is it? ANSWER
33. Anna Chang, of Melbourne Victoria asks the question:
How much does it costs for each mission? Also, what is the approximate overall cost of space exploration? ANSWER
34. Lynne Gore, of Calgary Alberta asks the question:
What do the letters "STS" stand for when referring to a Shuttle Flight? ANSWER
35. Andrew McLellan, of Edmonton Alberta asks the question:
Where can I find what the abreviations mean in the timeline of the shuttle? More specifically what does VRA stand for? ANSWER
36. Graham of Oxford asks the question:
Having just viewed the space station videos and still, there seem to be a lot of trailing wires thoughout. Why is this? Isn't it hazardous to the astronauts? ANSWER
37. Jeff, of Mankato MN asks the question:
What type of energy sources will be employed on the ISS? And what type of reusable, recyclable, energy sources if any, have been used as fuel source, energy source? Finally, since this is an ISS project will the other joint countries be suppling their own energy, sources, or using NASA? ANSWER
38. Maxime Jamaty, of Rosemere Quebec asks the question:
I would like to know how the crew gets air in the station for breathing. What happens with all CO2 that is produced with the crew's breathing? How is temperature controlled in the station? ANSWER
39. Wayne K. McGarva, of Wantage NJ asks the question:
I am a Technology Teacher in NJ. My students and I, along with another teacher are building a scale model of the Space Station. We are using the Internet and a digital camera for communications of material measurements and other important information. My goal is to introduce my sixth grade students to telecommunications and the Space program. My question deals with communications between Mission control , the Shuttle, and Space Station. How do you complete communications in space? ANSWER
40. Danny Cummins, of Dornock, Annan Dumfriesshire asks the question:
What is the maximum velocity of a space shuttle orbiting the Earth? ANSWER
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