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RTF Shuttle Mission Imagery

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JSC2003-E-56785 (08/07/2003) --- The Return To Flight Task Group (RTFTG) holds the first public meeting at the Debus Center, KSC Visitor Complex. Shown at the table on the left are Dr. Amy K. Donahue, James D. Lloyd, Robert Sieck, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Forrest C. McCartney, Richard Kohrs, Sy Rubenstein and Dr. Charles C. Daniel. The group is co-chaired by former Shuttle commander Richard O. Covey and retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas P. Stafford, who was an Apollo commander. The RTFTG was at KSC to conduct organizational activities, tour Space Shuttle facilities and receive briefings on Shuttle-related topics. The task group was chartered by NASA Administrator Sean O’Keefe to perform an independent assessment of NASA’s implementation of the final recommendations of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board.

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