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STS-99 Shuttle Mission Imagery

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JSC2000-E-02633 (13 February 2000) --- These data were recorded from the Endeavour over the Baia de Paranagu˜ in Brazil, located in the state of Paran˜, approximately 200 kilometers, southeast of Sao Paulo. Coordinates of the area are 48 degrees, 36 minutes west lontitude and 25 degrees, 24 minutes south latitude. Further inland, the highest peak of the Serra do Mar Range, the Pico Paran˜ (1922 meters) is visible. The city of Curitiba (capital of the state of Paran˜) is passed but not covered. A reservoir can be seen at image center. Curitiba is located on a plateau in an altitude range of 850-950 meters and represents a commercial and processing center for the expanding agricultural and ranch areas in the interior of the state. The Baia de Paranagu˜ is an estuary reaching 40 kilometers inland and comprises a total area of 667 square kilometers. The image shows a perspective view created from the X-SAR digital elevation model. The view looks over the Baia de Paranagu˜ towards the mountains in the west. For comparison purposes, a photograph of Pico Paran˜ is included in this series of images (JSC2000-E-02649, photo by Marco Aurelio on the ground). Pico Paran˜ is located on the left corner of this image JSC2000-E-02633. The image bearing the NASA number JSC2000-E-02648 shows a sub-image of the X-SAR image after some post-processing. Visible in it are surroundings of the city and port of Paranagu˜. All X-SAR imagery and related charts and maps are provided by DLR, Germany's national aerospace resource center as well as the national space agency.

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