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International Space Station Imagery
ISS016-E-018493: Perth Amboy, New Jersey
high res (1.3 M) low res (95 K)
ISS016-E-018493 (24 Dec. 2007) --- Perth Amboy, New Jersey is featured in this image photographed by an Expedition 16 crewmember on the International Space Station. The port city of Perth Amboy is located between the outlets of the Raritan River and Arthur Kill ("river" in Dutch) into Raritan Bay in upper New Jersey. According to scientists, rich clay beds in the region, formed during the Cretaceous Era (approximately 65-144 million years ago), provided the raw materials for numerous pottery and terra cotta manufacturers during the 19th century. The city became an industrial and shipping center, and resort destination, through the early to mid-20th century. While the majority of the industrial factory facilities have left Perth Amboy, petroleum processing and storage remains part of the economic base -- several refining facilities are visible along the banks of Arthur Kill in this image (upper left). Originally known simply as "Amboy", "Perth" was added to the name in honor of the Earl of Perth when the city became the capital of East Jersey in 1686. Together with South Amboy across the Raritan River, both cities are collectively known today as "the Amboys". Perth Amboy is currently undergoing urban renewal and redevelopment to resume its former status of a resort destination. Raritan Bay also provides a source of local income through clam fishing.

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