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International Space Station Imagery

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JSC2001-E-35507 (September 2001) --- Spacesuits that are custom sized for each astronaut are a thing of the past. Since the Space Shuttle began flying, NASA has assembled spacewalk spacesuits out of piece parts, and have recently upgraded that system to make re-sizing even easier. This image shows two spacesuit lower legs and boots. On the right, the old system for sizing the spacesuit is shown. The white fabric segment between the two broken white-black lines is a sizing ring. This ring was routinely changed out by ground technicians depending on the length of the astronaut's leg. A sample fabric sizing ring is shown to the right of that boot. The leg on the left shows the improved system, which uses interlocking aluminum rings which are changed out for the same purpose. Astronauts can now make these changes easily while in space, as opposed to the former approach, which was more time consuming and was limited to ground operations between flights. A sample aluminum sizing ring leans up against the right of the boot.

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