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Daily Videos: Flight Day 10

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 March 16, 2001 - This video contains highlights of activities from inside the International Space Station and Space Shuttle Discovery. The narrator gives a description of the Expedition One crew’s workday, which included exercising and discussions with the Expedition Two crew. He then described the STS-102 crew’s workday. The STS-102 crew finished packing the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module, and STS-102 Commander Jim Wetherbee used Space Shuttle Discovery’s steering jets to raise the station’s orbit. The Expedition Two crew prepared Leonardo for unberthing. The video contains footage of STS-102 Pilot Jim Kelly and Missions Specialists Andy Thomas and Paul Richards fielding questions from United States media. The video concludes with Cosmonauts Yury Usachev, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev answering questions from Russian media.
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