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Daily Videos: Flight Day 2

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 March 8, 2001 --- While the Expedition One crewmembers were packing their belongings for the trip home, Expedition Two Flight Engineers Jim Voss and Susan Helms worked with Mission Specialist Paul Richards to set up Space Shuttle Discovery's airlock and prepare the spacesuits they will wear during a space walk on Flight Day 4. Commander Yury Usachev joined his two Expedition Two crewmates on the mid-deck to work with a piece of equipment that will be used in orbit to determine human changes to reflexes in a micro-gravity environment. Mission Specialist Andy Thomas and Pilot Jim Kelly powered the shuttle's robot arm for testing in preparation for activities during the mission. STS-102 Commander James Wetherbee and Usachev received a note of congratulations from the president of the Italian Space Agency, which contributed the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module. Wetherbee, Kelly and Richards ended the day with the firing of Discovery's jet thrusters to refine the approach to the station.
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