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Daily Videos: Flight Day 5

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 March 11, 2001 - This video contains highlights of the activities aboard Space Shuttle Discovery, including the transfer of the second Expedition Two crewmember, Jim Voss, to the International Space Station. He replaced Sergei Krikalev. In addition, the video describes activities performed to mate the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module, or MPLM, to a port on the Unity Module of the station. Mission Specialist Andy Thomas maneuvered Discovery's robotic arm to the MPLM, removed it from the shuttle bay and installed it on Unity. Once completed, the area between the MPLM and Unity was pressurized and Expedition One Commander Bill Shepherd opened the hatch between the modules. While some of the shuttle crewmembers worked to prepare the suits for a second space walk of the mission, others ventured into the station to lend a hand with the outfitting tasks. The transfer of the new supplies and hardware will begin late Monday while the second space walk of the mission is performed.
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