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Daily Videos: Flight Day 7

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 March 13, 2001 - This video contains highlights of the activities performed as the astronauts and cosmonauts aboard Space Shuttle Discovery and the International Space Station transferred supplies and equipment to outfit the station's second resident crew. The video contains footage of Shuttle Mission Specialist Andy Thomas, Expedition Two Flight Engineer Jim Voss and Expedition Two Flight Engineer Sergei Krikalev floating soft stowage bags out of the Leonardo Multi-Purpose Logistics Module into the space station. Also provided is some video of Expedition Two Flight Engineer Susan Helms relocating her custom-fitted Soyuz seat liner and Soyuz spacesuit into the Russian ship to officially become a space station crewmember. This completed the crew transfer. The video ends with highlights of interviews with Voss, Helms and STS-102 Commander Jim Wetherbee with local Portland, Ore., television stations.
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