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Shepard Back In Space

IMAGE: Apollo 14 Crew

MissionApollo XIV
CrewAlan B. Shepard, Jr.
Stuart A. Roosa
Edgar D. Mitchell
Lift OffSaturn V
Jan. 31, 1971
4:03 p.m. EST
KSC, Florida
Complex 39
Feb. 5, 1971
4:18 a.m. EST
Fra Mauro
Lift Off
Feb. 6, 1971
1:48 p.m. EST
Feb. 9, 1971
4:05 p.m. EST
Pacific Ocean
Duration9 days, 1 minute,
58 seconds

IMAGE: Apollo 40th anniversary

IMAGE: The Apollo 14 Mission

The planned landing site for the Apollo 13 mission, Fra Mauro, contains some of the most clearly exposed geological formations that are characteristic of the Fra Mauro Formation. The formation is an extensive geological unit that is distributed -- in an approximately radially symmetric fashion around the Mare Imbrium -- over much of the nearside of the Moon.

After the Apollo 13 mission failed to achieve a lunar landing, the importance of the Fra Mauro landing site led to a decision to attempt a landing in the same area during the Apollo 14 mission. The final landing site was very close to that chosen for the Apollo 13 mission.

Commander Alan Shepard Jr. and Lunar Module Pilot Edgar D. Mitchell performed lunar surface experiments that differed somewhat from those planned for the Apollo 13 mission. The crew's traverse capability was improved by the addition of the Modularized Equipment Transporter, which is a light, hand-drawn cart that enabled the crew to transport tools and samples with greater ease. Two moon walks occurred, both totaling 9 hours and 21 minutes. Just before ending the last moon walk, Alan Shepard became the first person to hit a golf ball on the Moon.

After lunar liftoff, the Lunar Module rendezvoused with the Command Module piloted by Stuart Roosa.

The Missions

Crew Patch
IMAGE: Apollo 14 crew patch
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