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Former Manned Spacecraft Center Director Dies

A public memorial service honoring the life of Dr. Robert R. Gilruth was held in the Teague Auditorium at Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas at 10 a.m. CDT Aug. 28, 2000.

Dr. Gilruth, considered to be "the father" of America's human space flight program, died Thursday, Aug. 17, 2000, in Charlottesville, Va., after a lengthy illness.


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Dr. Robert R. Gilruth; background photos highlight (from top to bottom) Alan Shepard and his Mercury spacecraft, Gemini 6 and 7 rendezvous, Apollo 11 Moon landing.

Dr. Robert R. Gilruth
Former Director
Manned Spacecraft Center

Born Oct. 8, 1913
Nashwauk, Minnesota

Died Aug. 17, 2000
Charlottesville, Virginia
Career Highlights

Assistant Director, Langley
Director, Space Task Group
Director, Manned Spacecraft
Director, Key Personnel
  Development, NASA
Consultant, NASA Headquarters

Special Honors

Goddard Astronautics Award
Louis W. Hill Space
  Transportation Award
Reed Aeronautics Award
Robert J. Collier Trophy
Sylvanus Albert Reed Award
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  Great Living American Award
Daniel and Florence
  Guggenheim International
  Astronautics Award
American Society of Mechanical
Engineers Award
City of New York Medal of Honor
Spirit of St. Louis Medal
Several NASA Distinguished
Service Medals
President's Award for
Distinguished Federal Service

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