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Ronald Sega

Sega on Socializing in Star City

U.S. Astronaut Ronald Sega worked as a NASA Director of Operations - Russia. In his Oral History, he discusses social events in Star City.

Sega says, "We participated in some of the Russian activities, whether it be a dinner at some of the families' apartments or out at ... a dacha [which is a country house]. [We also] went out to apartments where the [Energia] engineers [and some others] lived...

We [Americans] decided to throw a Christmas party, the first one ever... [We had a fire in] the fireplace and we had some stockings hung, as best we could, [and] American decorations. Some of the engineers and scientists were cutting snowflakes ... out of white paper, for decorations, because we didn't have much. But we threw a somewhat American version of a Christmas party for the Russians ... and the whole Russian contingent were invited..."

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