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Foale and Linenger talk in the Priroda module

Foale on Fire and "Near Miss"

In his Oral History, U.S. Mir astronaut Michael Foale discusses the fire and the "near miss" of a Progress vehicle, which had occurred during Jerry Linenger's increment.

Foale says, "I learned a little bit about the troubles they've had, especially with the fire. Vasily [Tsibliev] talked about it quite a bit, and [so did] Sasha [Lazutkin].

"At some point Sasha explained [it] to me--and he actually took me to where the fire occurred -- and showed me what he was doing and how the fire happened. And he gave me a long hour's description of everything that happened during the fire.

"It was very amusing. We were enjoying it. It was a good story, with serious undertones. But he wasn't making a big deal out of this; he was telling me a story, because I wanted to learn.

"And other times Vasily would talk about the near miss of the Progress docking, that Jerry [Linenger] has since then talked about a lot in the press, as being a near miss. And it was. A very close call."

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