Shuttle-Mir Stories

Lucid & Blaha work with Priroda glovebox.

Lucid on Training in Russia

The Shuttle-Mir Program included the blending of the Russian and American spaceflight programs. In her Oral History, U.S. Mir astronaut Shannon Lucid makes a comment on her training in Russia.

She says, "People always think that you've [gone] over there and ... trained with the [Russian Mir] crew. [Well,] you didn't go over there and train with a crew. All my training in Russia was with John Blaha [U.S. astronaut whose Mir residency followed Lucid's]. ... We sat in a classroom together. It was just the two of us and the instructor for whatever classroom it was. We just talked to each other all day long and that was it. I mean, we didn't interface with anybody else. Only toward the end did we do just a very few sims [simulations] with the Russian crew. I mean, we got in the Soyuz and went through a sim. But it was very, very minimal. There wasn't training with a crew like you think here [for the U.S. Space Shuttle Program]."

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