Shuttle-Mir Stories

Mir 18 cosmonaut-researcher Norman Thagard exercises on the bicycle ergometer in the Mir Core assembly.

Thagard on "Washing Up"

In microgravity, a standard shower won't work because water would go flying everywhere. In his Oral History, U.S. Mir astronaut Norman Thagard describes "washing up," onboard Mir.

He says, "In terms of clean-up, they give you one wet towel, and these are just cloth towels in plastic wrapping that have some sort of . . . antibacterial solution in it. I'd get one of the wetted towels a day and two dry towels a day. And that works fine. If you need more, you can always just wet one of the dry towels, or put more water on the wet towel. . . . It worked fine for cleaning up after exercise."

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