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Long Tour: 1994-95

In 1994, Russian cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev flew aboard shuttle mission STS-60. In 1995, STS-63 rendezvoused with Mir. American astronaut Norman Thagard launched to Mir aboard a Russian Soyuz, spent 115 days in space, and returned to Earth with STS-74.

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How "Phase 1" Started
Goals of the Shuttle-Mir Program
How Phase 1 Was Organized
Director of Operations, Russia
Mission Control Center - Moscow
NASA Mir Ground Support
Mir Onboard Operations
"Flight Docs"
Star City Life
Cultural Background
Training of Astronauts in Russia
Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center
STS-60: First Cosmonaut on the Shuttle
STS-63: First Rendezvous with Mir
STS-63 Videos
Thagard Increment: First Astronaut on Mir
Thagard Increment: Videos
STS-71: First Shuttle-Mir Docking
STS-71: Videos
STS-74: A New Docking Module
Docking Module
STS-74 Videos

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