Linenger's Letters to his Son

February 3, 1997
Another father-son talk"

Dear John:

Mommy just sent me some E-mail saying that you are soooo cute. Real smart, too. And that you have learned how to give a kiss. This combination can only spell trouble. We'd better have another father-son talk.

I'm no expert. No man is. Only women understand these things, but they leave us men in the dark. Won't explain a thing to us. That's why we just sit and watch football games on TV.

Be selective. Don't do it on impulse. Sleep on it for a night, then if you still like the idea, well okay.

Woman in general know alot more about important things in life than us men. By important, I don't mean work or school. I mean how to get along with others, how to be considerate, how to live peacefully. Watch your mother. A great role model, John. Learn from her, and you'll be a fine young man some day. Kinder and gentler.

I can't wait to get my first peck from you. Maybe you can save one up for my landing day. And days thereafter. Then you can teach your future brother or sister all about it.

Speaking of which, Kathryn said all is well. Doctor exams and tests. I'm hoping for another boy. Not that I prefer boys to girls, but that I just prefer children. Let me explain.

I want at least four or five. If the next one is a girl, Mommy might be content with two. But another boy? I know she'd try once more (the trying part I'll explain to you later, stick with kissing for awhile) for a girl. And maybe again. And so on, and soforth, and so on. Pretty soon, our own baseball team!

There's plenty of land out there. I've seen the planet. Amazing how we all clump together in our towns and cities. Look at Australia. Bigtime empty. And majestic: aqua-blue reefs all around. Four or five more humans would fit in nicely on planet Earth. And should it get too crowded, there's alot of room up here.

Okay John. Now I can tell you to give Mommy a kiss goodnight for me. Do it, please. Love you both.


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