Linenger's Letters to his Son

January 26, 1997
"No bounds

Good morning John.

Hope that you had a good nights sleep, because when you have a good sleep, Mommy has a good sleep, too. And she needs the rest, I'm sure. Being a "single parent" is tough business.

I hope you realize what a great Mom you have. It is not easy being married to a person that literally leaves the planet for 5 months.

Now that you've been in our lives for a year, we've learned that the love of your own child is a special, special love. No bounds. No strings attached. Two in the morning with a dirty diaper or nine at night with the serenity of you being neatly tucked into your crib, thumb in your mouth. You are us. Mommy's blue eyes. And maybe a bit of my exploring trait. (You open every cabinet in sight, probe every button you can reach, and woof at every dog you see during your walks outdoors).

Having said that--I have to go. (Told you it was hard!) Onto the treadmill. Part of the continuing daily battle to keep my skeletal system strong and earth like, so that I can walk once again with you on my back when I finally get back home.

Love you, John. Pass along my love to Mommy.


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