Linenger's Letters to his Son

March 25, 1997
Cooking metal samples in my EasyBake oven"

Dear John:

It is rather strange. I come to the computer every night with absolutely no idea what I will write to you about. Let's see...

Today I was busy dawn to dusk (of course, that doesn't apply up here--it would mean I was busy for only forty-five minutes or so). Cooking metal samples in my EasyBake oven, cleaning filters, trying to get some photographs of the flooding down in the Ohio River, and running computer programs to store data.

Oh yes, can't get away from chores--even in space. We vacuum, wash down the walls with special fungus fighting towels, and generally straighten things up every Saturday morning. Anything that flies (which means anything not carefully velcroed down up here) usually finds its way to the intake filters of the ventilators. In addition to the air circulation fans, just about all of our science gear has small cooling fans; without them the air would just stagnate and the temperature build. So it is quite a project.

When vacuuming, I always carry a "lost and found" bag for all the goodies I gather. During the week, I never declare anything really lost until after Saturday morning--missing pens, tools, diskettes, toothbrushes, you name it--are merely "displaced" and "out for a fly" when they disappear during the week. Each Saturday morning they are returned home.

The vacuum we use resembles a small-sized, tubular-shaped one you might use--hose in front, exhaust out the back. It's actually fun to use: I fly around with it tucked between my legs, exhaust aft, and it propels me along. Makeshift thruster.

And as to the Ohio River: all I could see were clouds from the Mississippi to the East Coast, but interestingly; sparing a very fine line along the coast itself, north to south. The beaches alone were sunny. Did not look like a good day to dry things up down there.

Talked to Mommy last night. It was our sixth year wedding anniversary. I sent her flowers. She said they were nice. We told each other that we love each other, and miss each other. I told her that I really got lucky to snag a woman like her. She laughed.

In the background, I could hear you jumping up and down on the bed and laughing. So it sounds like all is well. I slept content.

Goodnight, John. You lucky dog--you get to be with Mommy. Sleep tight.


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