Linenger's Letters to his Son

March 26, 1997
One watch isn't enough"

Dear John:

Waiting for a computer to finish downloading data, so I have a moment.

Most of your letters have been written in snippets. It is unusual if my wristwatch alarm doesn't go off to tell me that I need to check on something, activate another experiment, or do some other task. Or, if late at night, that my eyes don't grow too heavy to keep open any longer.

In fact, I wear two watches--one isn't enough. And I haven't removed either of them the whole time I've been up here. To stay productive, you need to have at least three things going at once. Fly from one task to another--pretty much non-stop. Squeeze in the daily runs, bicycling, and meals in-between the work. Then pass out.

I plan on wearing no watches for a while after I return. Playing with you and talking with Mommy (and playing with Mommy a bit, too), bare-wristed, sounds pretty good to me.

Alarm is ringing. Back to the microgravity isolation mount. Enjoy your splendid, carefree frolicking, John. Love you.


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