Linenger's Letters to his Son

April 5, 1997
Typical father"

Dear John:

Busy, busy day today. (I know that it is Saturday--but that doesn’t count up here). Almost bedtime. Waiting for some data to download. Then I need to take my temperature and answer a mood questionnaire for the sleep study. (They are looking at biorhythms. Your body temperature changes throughout the day in a set pattern. My mood is usually pretty good until, for the fifth time today, I have to answer the same questions!). Then into the night headband garb, and off to the wall (bed, that is) for sleep. This is literally working twenty four hours a day. But, should be interesting when we see the results upon my return.

Was bragging on you today over dinner. Typical father. Someone said that by the time I get back, you will be walking. Walking, nothing; you were doing that before a left. Talking. Maybe even running, right? Right.

I knew I shouldn’t have spoken of Florida the other day. Right after that, one of the coolant loops sprung a leak. We had to shut it down; which means two of the modules are now at 92 plus degrees. In addition, the coolant loop is used by the condenser to remove the humidity from the air, so the result is Florida-in-the-summer, hot and humid, “weather” up here. I suppose that I’ll be acclimatized for the Houston summer upon landing. How 6;s that for an optimistic outlook?

Have a good night’s sleep, John. I’ll be watching over you.



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