Linenger's Letters to his Son

April 14, 1997
Make a snowball while you can"

Dear John:

Your last week in Russia. Things you will want to do:

Make a snowball while you can.

Enjoy another stroll around the lake, pointing out all the dogs and cats in Star City.

Use all your Russian words now. When you get home, people will think that you are still in the babbling stage when you say zdrastvoutya, and not know that you are greeting them. Most important of all, give everyone one of your biggest smiles, and maybe one of your kisses. Especially Vera, who has been helping Mommy and I out with you since you were a month old. She will really miss you, John; and you her. She loved you freely, helped care for you, taught you Russian words, and was your friend. A very nice part of being in Russia for our whole family, wasn't she? We will all miss her.

I’ve got to get back to work. I finished installing the replacement fire extinguishers, and it feels good to be back at full strength. Lots more to do. Just wanted you and Mommy to know that I was thinking about you both, love you both, and really miss you.


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