Linenger's Letters to his Son

April 17, 1997
We are two lucky men"

Dear John:

We sure did surprise Mommy, didn’t we? From up here, it sounded like quite a gang at her “going away from Russia” farewell party. I was glad they were able to patch me through on radio to talk with her and to add to the surprise.

In case you couldn’t hear what I said, here’s a recap. Kathryn, you are the most wonderful wife in the world. There are not alot of women who would move to Russia for almost two years, raise our newborn there, be expecting again, have her husband not only leave, but leave the planet for months at a time; and the whole time be supportive, understanding, cheerful, and positive. Besides doing a fantastic job doing your work of training cosmonauts and astronauts for flight. I love you. I miss you. And I can’t wait to be together again.

From the sounds of the gathering, alot of other people agree with me.

John, you are blessed with a great Mommy, and me a great wife. We are two lucky men.

Have a safe journey home. I’ll see you both back in the USA in a month or so after the Shuttle lands. Can’t wait!



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