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Shuttle - Mir Stories - Wolf on Increments' Differences

Several U.S. Mir astronauts noted that each Mir increment was unique.

In his Oral History, David Wolf comments on their differences, saying, "Each increment had its own character. . . . We had a fire on Jerry Linenger's, a collision on Mike Foale's, and the whole associated repair work and response work to that."

Wolf says he would characterize his increment, "as long-term, very hard work, and by that I mean nine [o'clock] in the morning till midnight, essentially every day of the whole mission."

He says, "There were a few breaks, afternoon on Christmas, [and] one or two Sundays [when] I took the afternoon off." Otherwise, "Anatoly [Solovyev] and Pavel [Vinogradov] were determined to bring this spacecraft up to snuff -- top working order -- and I wasn't going to let them work any harder than me.

"And that meant taking another job off the job list at ten at night, and this was an infinite job list. There was also a full science program, [taking up] eight, nine hours a day . . ."

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