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Long Tour: 1997

U.S. astronaut Jerry Linenger launched to Mir aboard STS-81, to replace John Blaha. A fire broke out on Mir during Linenger's spaceflight of 132 days. Astronaut Mike Foale launched to Mir aboard STS-84, to replace Linenger. During Foale's 144-day spaceflight, a Russian Progress resupply ship collided with Mir, causing a decompression.

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STS-81: Linenger Succeeds Blaha
STS-81: Videos
Linenger Increment: A Spacewalk and a Fire
The Fire
Linenger Increment: Videos
Risk and Safety
STS-84: Foale Succeeds Linenger
STS-84: Videos
Foale Increment: Collision and Recovery
Foale Increment: Videos
STS-86: Wolf Succeeds Foale
STS-86: Videos
Wolf Increment: Back Toward Normal
Wolf Increment: Videos

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