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Before Phase 1  
Valentina Tereshkove, first woman cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, first woman cosmonaut
(18 sec.) MPEG (1.3M) (Partial Audio)
First Soviet EVA Alexi Leonov First Soviet EVA Alexi Leonov (25 sec.) MPEG (1.8M) (Full Audio)
Sputnik Sputnik (19 sec.) MPEG (1.3M) (No Audio)
First Russian space station Salyut, 1971 First Russian space station Salyut 1971 (47 sec.) MPEG (3.4M) (No Audio)
Gemini 4 spacewalk - Ed White Gemini 4 spacewalk - Ed White (22 sec.) MPEG (1.6M) (No Audio)
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